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New soybean varieties for 2019

New soybean varieties for 2019

An embarrassment of choices: 36 new soybean varieties on sale for spring 2019

Anyone planning to grow soybeans next spring has a lot of reading ahead. When we asked all the seed companies we could find to tell us about the new varieties coming forward for 2019, they sent us information for about 36 new varieties. Comparing all these new varieties, along with all of the other recent […] Read more

New canola varieties for 2019

New canola varieties for 2019

Eight new herbicide-tolerant canola varieties on the market for next year

Every year Grainews contacts seed companies so we can make a list of the new varieties coming out for the next season. This year, the biggest challenge was keeping track of who’s who. With all the mergers and purchases that have taken place in the input supply industry, it took a spreadsheet to track which […] Read more


Dow, DuPont wrap up merger

With Dow Chemical and DuPont now officially a married couple, the two companies’ agriculture businesses are scheduled to clear out of the house within the next year and a half. As per the terms of the merger-of-equals deal they first announced in late 2015, the two companies’ separate shares ceased trading in New York Thursday […] Read more

Sclerotinia on a canola plant stem.

Four tips to help prevent crop diseases

Growers know which diseases exist in their fields and how to manage them, especially widespread diseases like sclerotinia, blackleg and clubroot in canola. However, changing management practices have altered the prevalence of many diseases, leading to an increase in frequency and affected areas due to over-reliance on genetics rather than good management practices. Growers should […] Read more

cornfield at sunset

New corn varieties for 2017

With more than 20 new corn varieties, farmers have some research to do

If you’re farming in a corn-growing area in Western Canada, you’ll have more than 20 new varieties to consider for your 2017 rotations. New genetics bring higher yields and better disease packages, while shorter-season varieties may expand the corn-growing regions to new areas. BrettYoung BrettYoung E50P52 R: E50P52 R is a new VT Double PRO […] Read more

NorthStar Genetics has four new varieties on offer for 2017.

New soybean seed varieties for 2017

Twenty-four new soybean varieties are coming to the market for western Canadian farmers

If you haven’t been watching the market for new soybean seed, you have some catching up to do. There are 24 new varieties — that’s right, 24 — for 2017. And that is just the new varieties, not the almost-new varieties that have been released in the last two or three years. Companies have been […] Read more

A bertha armyworm gets its fill on a canola seed pod.

Controlling bugs with seed treatments

Technology has given western Canadian farmers access to a wide range of options when it comes to insect control in canola. Crucifer and striped flea beetles, wireworm, cutworm, root maggot, cabbage seedpod weevil, bertha armyworm and diamondback moth are just some insect pests that can be particularly problematic for both crop health and farmers’ bottom […] Read more

New canola varieties for 2017

New canola varieties for 2017

With 18 new varieties to choose from, growers have a lot of decisions to make

Farmers shopping around for canola seed for next spring are spoiled for choice. We’ve rounded up a list of 18 new varieties hitting the market for the first time in 2017. These 18 come in addition to the high-yielding varieties we’ve already been seeing in western Canadian fields for the past decade. This roundup of […] Read more