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clubroot in canola

Clubroot genetics and agronomy

Develop a strategy to stay ahead of clubroot in 2019

It’s time to face facts: the risks associated with clubroot have become far too great to ignore — no matter where you’re growing canola. In fact, we actually saw an increase of clubroot confirmations in 2018 So, why the increase? For starters, clubroot spores are moving from field to field. As well, use of canola […] Read more

Tillage can help warm the soil faster for earlier seeding, but it also gives weeds a better environment to germinate.

Tillage systems’ impact on weeds and disease

No-till and minimum-till systems both have agronomic drawbacks and advantages

No-till and minimum-till systems both have their advantages and drawbacks, especially when it comes to managing weeds, disease and insects in next season’s crop. Let’s start by looking at the advantages of no-till systems. Right off the bat, they’re great for soil and moisture conservation — particularly when you’re working on lighter, sandier soils. Growers […] Read more

Four reasons to try new canola genetics

Four reasons to try new canola genetics

As part of your planning for next season, sit down with your local seed rep and work out a game plan to test drive some new canola seed products on your farm. Here are four reasons why it’s always worth investing the time and effort.

horizontal image of five round steel grain bins sitting in a yellow canola field under a very cloudy sky in the summer

On-farm storage and canola grain quality

Control what you can, and take steps to manage the rest

When it comes to your on-farm storage and maintaining canola grain quality, there are some elements you can control — and others you can’t. One area you can influence is the original condition of the canola seed going into your bins. Swathing at the correct stage or straight-cutting will help minimize many of the quality […] Read more

Sclerotinia on a canola plant stem.

Four tips to help prevent crop diseases

Growers know which diseases exist in their fields and how to manage them, especially widespread diseases like sclerotinia, blackleg and clubroot in canola. However, changing management practices have altered the prevalence of many diseases, leading to an increase in frequency and affected areas due to over-reliance on genetics rather than good management practices. Growers should […] Read more