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New canola varieties for 2019

Eight new herbicide-tolerant canola varieties on the market for next year

New canola varieties for 2019

Every year Grainews contacts seed companies so we can make a list of the new varieties coming out for the next season. This year, the biggest challenge was keeping track of who’s who. With all the mergers and purchases that have taken place in the input supply industry, it took a spreadsheet to track which company was which. There are a few names on this list that haven’t appeared in previous years, but don’t worry — they’re the same companies you’ve been dealing with.

Corteva is the name of the company that came from the Dow/DuPont merger. Corteva is selling seed under two different brand names: the Pioneer Hi-Bred label you’re used to seeing on field signs, and Corteva’s new Brevant brand.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is down at the end of the list. This is the business formerly known as CPS (Crop Production Services). You will remember that Nutrien Ag Solutions’s parent company, Nutrien, came from the merger of Agrium and PotashCorp. Agrium was the previous owner of CPS.

There are no new Monsanto canola varieties on the list this year, but if there were, they would be (now) owned by Bayer, and marketed under the DEKALB name. There are some new DEKALB varieties on the new soybean variety list for 2019.

Genetically, the news in canola this year is coming from the TruFlex gene developed by Monsanto (see at bottom). This gene lets growers spray higher rates of glyphosate over a longer window.

If you have a clubroot problem, when you’re buying seed this year, remember to ask your retailer about the specific clubroot pathotypes your seed has resistance to. Now that companies are labelling seed with specific clubroot races, “clubroot resistance” is no longer a one-size-fits-all label.

And now, on with the list.


InVigor L234PC provides pod shatter reduction technology and clubroot resistance. InVigor L234PC is a canola hybrid with InVigor’s patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology with new second-generation multi-genetic clubroot resistance. This hybrid offers yield protection, early maturity similar to InVigor L233P and harvest flexibility for growers in all growing zones.

InVigor Health L258HPC is the latest addition to the InVigor Health hybrid lineup. It features both the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology and clubroot resistant traits, along with the security of a contract premium. This new hybrid is already sold out – exclusively sold through Cargill and select independent retails.

Canterra Seeds

CS2600 CR-T is a new TruFlex canola hybrid. In addition to its new herbicide tolerance trait that provides growers with more flexibility in terms of application window and rates, CS2600 CR-T also has a unique source of clubroot resistance, higher tolerance to pod shatter and excellent yield potential, coming in at 105 per cent of the checks 45H29 and 5440. CS2600 CR-T will be commercially available pending export market approval.


V33-1CL is a new high-yielding hybrid and the first Clearfield canola variety in Cargill’s VICTORY lineup. V33-1CL gives growers polygenic blackleg resistance and has excellent standability. This hybrid is suited to the mid- to long growing zones. Available through Cargill and select independent dealers.

V24-1 is a new clubroot-resistant, high-yielding Genuity Roundup Ready hybrid that is exclusively part of the Cargill Specialty Canola Program. Its polygenic resistance package also provides strong protection against blackleg. V24-1 has excellent standability and is suited to all growing zones. Available through Cargill and select independent dealers.

Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDupont

Corteva: Brevant

1028 RR is a Genuity Roundup Ready seed with mid-to late maturity, yielding 110 per cent of 1020 RR. This seed is rated R for clubroot, blackleg and fusarium wilt. It has high yield potential, medium height and multi-genic blackleg resistance. Find more information at

2028 CL is a Clearfield canola with mid-to late maturity, yielding 102 per cent of 2020 CL. This seed is rated R for clubroot, blackleg and fusarium wilt. It has high yield potential, medium height, and multigenic blackleg resistance. Find more information at

Corteva: Pioneer Hi-Bred

45CM39 is a Genuity Roundup Ready canola with mid-maturity yielding 103 per cent of 45H33. This seed is rated R for clubroot, blackleg and fusarium wilt. It is high yielding with excellent standability, and suitable for straight cutting. 45CM39 is bred with a new source of clubroot resistance, and is resistant to current clubroot pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6 and emerging pathotypes 2B, 3A and 5X.


PV 585 GC is a multigenic clubroot-resistant Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid from Proven Seed. PV 585 GC has improved agronomics with excellent blackleg resistance and standability. Available exclusively at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

PV 591 GCS is a high-yielding Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid with increased tolerance to sclerotinia and clubroot resistance. PV 591 GCS from Proven Seed matures early and has excellent standability. Available exclusively at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Use the seed guide

The eight varieties on this list are only the new releases for 2019. Not- so-recently-released varieties may be a better fit for your farm, or, some of the varieties on this list may be hard to find in your area. To find out, turn to your provincial Seed Guide.

These guides are printed and distributed in January, and can be found online:

The Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba governments also produce guidebooks listing seed variety yield data and trait information. Search them out on provincial websites.

  • Alberta: Varieties of Cereal and Oilseed Crops for Alberta
  • Saskatchewan: Varieties of Grain Crops
  • Manitoba: Yield Manitoba

TruFlex canola

TruFlex is a second-generation Roundup Ready gene developed by Monsanto (now owned by Bayer), released for commercial use for the first time in 2019.

TruFlex allows growers to apply higher rates of glyphosate (Monsanto says growers can apply RoundUp WeatherMAX at 1.33 litres/acre in a single application, or 0.67 litre per acre in two applications). And, growers planting this seed will have 10 to 14 more spray days, with the glyphosate application window extending past the six-leaf stage to the first flower. Higher rates with a longer window will make it easier to kill weeds like cleavers, foxtail barley and wild buckwheat with glyphosate.

This new gene will be the base for Bayer’s new “stacked” genes — varieties that include more than one trademarked gene.

The public release of TruFlex has been delayed while seed companies wait for China to approve imports. Growers will not be able to purchase the seed until that approval is in place.

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