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As much as possible, prevent the spread of disease by reducing movement of soil between fields.

How to prevent, detect and manage aphanomyces

Q & A with an expert

Q: I’m hearing more about aphanomyces. How can I prevent the disease from becoming a problem on my farm? A: Aphanomyces is a serious soil-borne disease of peas and lentils that is becoming increasingly widespread in Western Canada. Aphanomyces euteiches is a root rot pathogen that thrives under wet conditions. Symptoms are often first detected […] Read more

In addition to yield potential and pod integrity, consider herbicide- resistance traits when choosing canola varieties for your farm.

Consider herbicide-resistance traits when choosing canola varieties

Q & A with an expert

[UPDATED: Jan. 14, 2021] Q: Should weed populations in my field affect my canola decision? A: When selecting canola varieties for your operation in 2021, yield potential and pod integrity are front of mind. However, different varieties utilize different herbicide-resistance traits, and this, too, should be considered. Canola varieties utilizing glufosinate (LibertyLink or LL), glyphosate […] Read more

Pea yields are challenged by disease, specifically with aphanomyces, which is a soil-borne disease that has long life in the soil. The creation of a resistant variety would be a game changer in the pea seed market.

Farmers’ needs drive variety trends

Q & A with an expert

Q: What makes the biggest little seed on the block? A: New grain varieties are constantly entering the marketplace. These varieties bring new innovations including updated disease resistance and yield improvements. But what makes certain varieties stand out over others and their names well known? It is the balance of all desired traits into varieties […] Read more

Two new books for tractor enthusiasts

Guides make excellent gifts for the holiday season

Two new tractor guides are available for the holiday season. The Field Guide to Classic Farm Tractors, Expanded Edition and The Complete Book of Farmall Tractors: Every Model 1923-1973 were both written by well-known tractor historian Robert N. Pripps, who has authored dozens of farm tractor books. The Field Guide to Classic Farm Tractors, Expanded […] Read more

New varieties can exhibit agronomic traits that were not previously available. This includes varieties that mature quickly, stand better, improve grade or quality, and allow for ease of harvest under more intensive management practices leading to higher yields.

New seed varieties may offer advantages

Q & A with an expert

Q: I am happy with the variety I am currently growing — why change? A: New seed varieties come to market every year; some with much anticipation and others with very little fanfare. On-farm performance of these varieties does not come from popularity or marketing campaigns. This can make it difficult for producers to identify […] Read more