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Froese: It’s OK to ask for help

Froese: It’s OK to ask for help

Where is it written that you always have to figure everything out on your own without any help?

A heat wave is looming. Drought on the Prairies is keeping folks awake at night. Farming folks are trying to cope with their brains on overload. Where is it written in the farming book of rules that you always figure things out on your own and never ask for help? Where is that written in […] Read more

This photo taken in April 2021 is a female Anna’s hummingbird enjoying apple blossoms.

What to do if you get stung by an insect

Singing Gardener: Plus, a reader shares her experiences with hummingbirds

It was the third ring on my telephone when I picked it up and answered. A woman with an anxious-sounding voice on the other end said, “Hi Ted, this is Marlene. I just got stung by a wasp or a bee — not sure which. I was outside folding towels that had dried in open-air […] Read more

Gladiolus commonly called glads always command attention when their majestic flowering time arrives.

Wireworms in soil and a pre-planting treatment for gladiolus corms to deter pests

The Singing Gardener: Plus, re-energize bees with a little sugar water and share that tip with others

Hi again good people. I’m so glad to have you tagging along with me during my continuing journey of words in Grainews. Always have lots to write about. I think back to memories and experiences stored in my memory bank with continued thanks to readers for your emails and phone calls. Wireworms in garden soil — […] Read more

My husband Dave has lost count of the number of ways we eat chicken, but his favourite is still fried chicken, which I make once or twice a year.

A chicken in every pot

First We Eat: Every summer I pick up our year’s supply of butchered chickens from our local farmer

I buy my chickens from a local farmer. She sells me eggs too — blue, brown and white ovals so beautiful they can’t help but taste better than commercial eggs. Each winter, my farmer sends me a note when she is ready to order her chicks, and I guess how many birds I think we […] Read more

These farm leaders and managers are opening up with vulnerability to find new ways to be a good father, and a team player.

Froese: Growing to be a good, good father on the farm

Sometimes this involves healing wounds in the family that are keeping the business stuck

I’ve taken to music therapy to lift my mood during this Great Pause, and one of my favourite playlist songs is “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. It helps me keep perspective on the character of God as we are all searching for answers far and wide. It reminds me of the many farm dads […] Read more

I for one am thoroughly sick of screens, and those viewing snacks have caught up with me. The recipe below for these whole wheat crackers may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Pass the crackers please

First We Eat: Many of us may be snacking too much as we watch too much TV. Try this healthier choice instead

Don’t you wish you could have your buddies over? Miss those chances to get together and just hang out? Me too. I miss parties. I miss hanging out. I miss visits. I miss shared meals. Who knows when we’ll be able to celebrate like that again as we move into our second year of COVID lockdown.  […] Read more

Attract hummingbirds by planting long-lasting, nectar-bearing annual and perennial wildflowers such as in this seed blend.

Attracting hummingbirds to the yard and garden

The Singing Gardener: Plus, here’s how to grow a sunflower summer house

Hummingbird seed blends are available consisting of 16 species of both annuals and perennials. When in bloom such flowers are irresistible to hummers attracting them to no end. I’ll provide names of some flowers found in such seed mixtures. Making homemade sugar and water drink is on my list of another thing we can do for […] Read more

Why does stress affect health?

Why does stress affect health?

Fit to Farm: To know that, we have to understand what it does to how we function

In my clinic, stress is one of many reasons clients complain of ongoing pain, tension and physical issues. I often get asked: “Can stress actually cause this much disease?” To answer that, we first have to understand stress and its effect on human function. Stress can be anything from exercise, change in routine, illness, caretaking, […] Read more

Mocha Chocolate Pudding.

Try making this timeless, classic dessert

First We Eat: What could be better than a creamy, homemade chocolate pudding?

After Dad died last year, Mom started giving things away. It was as if his absence triggered her awareness of her own mortality and her dwindling need for stuff. She gave pots and pans to my eldest son, vases to my cousin, Dad’s unopened bottles of Scotch to her cousin, tools to my brothers, wineglasses […] Read more

Froese: Stop breaking Mom’s heart — deal with your entitlement issues

Froese: Stop breaking Mom’s heart — deal with your entitlement issues

Many people avoid talking about this when it comes to farm transition plans. This has to stop

As Mother’s Day arrives in this Great Pause of 2021, many of you are caught in the messy middle of family dynamics. Let’s jump in and start dealing with the issue of entitlement on your farm team.  I use the words “deal with entitlement.” It’s that Undiscussabull, the bull in the middle of your farm […] Read more