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BASF closes deal with Bayer

ICYMI: Canola research focused on Western Canada will continue

On August 1, BASF finalized its acquisition of several Bayer assets including the Invigor canola line, Ignite herbicide, seed treatment products, Bayer’s digital farming software (xarvio) and seed research and development, including hybrid wheat. The Canadian piece of this global transaction also includes 400 Bayer employees, research facilities at Saskatoon, Pike Lake, Lethbridge and Regina and 12 other research sites. Jonathan […] Read more

Have you seen this bug?

The invasive cereal leaf beetle is heading our way. Look for damage in your wheat crop

There’s a new pest headed our way. James Tansey, provincial pest management specialist with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture gave the audience the bad news at SaskWheat’s semi-annual meeting at the Farm Progress Show on June 20. The cereal leaf beetle is an invasive pest, common in the U.S. It has been spotted on the Prairies […] Read more

blackleg in canola

New labels for blackleg resistance

New “groups” for blackleg resistance on some canola seed this spring

Agronomists agree the best way to control blackleg in canola is rotation — only growing canola once every three years, at most. Besides rotations, scouting and fungicide can help in the fight against blackleg. And, last spring a new item was added to the list of blackleg-fighting tools: a new labelling system. This season, you’ll see some new letters on some of your seed […] Read more

Editor’s Column: High speed high hopes

A few months ago I used this space to whine about describe the internet speed on our farm. The key word was “slow.” Since then, another local provider has sprung up. It’s using newer technology, and it has been building towers all over southeast Saskatchewan. We signed up right away, and we couldn’t be happier. […] Read more