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New cereal varieties hitting the market for 2020

Canterra, FP Genetics, Proven Seed and SeCan are bringing new options to the market

If you’re looking for CPSR, CWRS, durum or even barley, these four companies are bringing a handful of new varieties to the market for 2020. Wheat and durum breeders have been working hard to come up with better fusarium resistance. Canterra has developed a new two-row malt barley variety, and Proven Seed has two new […] Read more

New canola varieties for the 2020 crop year

There are 27 new canola varieties hitting the market for Western Canada

When Grainews asked seed companies about their new canola offerings for 2020, they came up with a list of 24 new varieties! And, keep in mind, these are only the varieties that are brand new for 2020. You might still be investigating new offerings from 2019 and 2018 as well. Many of these varieties include […] Read more

Goss’s Wilt comes to corn on the Prairies

Four ways to cope with corn crops hit with Goss's wilt bacterium

Corn acreage is on the rise across the Prairies, but this year, Goss’s wilt has hit some areas hard. Goss’s wilt is a bacterial infection, relatively new to Western Canada. It was first confirmed in Manitoba in 2009, officially found in Alberta in 2013, and in west-central Saskatchewan in 2018. Sherri Roberts, a crops extension […] Read more

New corn varieties for 2020

Planning to plant corn? There are a lot of new options for the 2020 growing season

Corn growers are spoiled for choice this winter, with 27 new hybrids and one new conventional variety (from Thunder Seed) coming to market for 2020. Lots of new varieties on offer include the YieldGuard Corn Borer trait developed by Monsanto, or offer some level of resistance to Goss’s wilt. Here is the list. Corteva: Pioneer […] Read more

Corteva’s Climate Positive Challenge program

Sending a message may be more important than what the program can actually buy

In a political climate where a 16-year old European environmental activist can drive thousands of people to protest in Edmonton, it is important that farmers not only continue to act as good stewards of the land and soil — it’s also important that the general public see that farmers are looking after the environment. Corteva […] Read more

New soybean varieties for 2020

While you’re bringing in your 2019 soybean crop, start planning for next year

[UPDATED: Nov. 15, 2019] For most Prairie farmers, the 2019 growing season was a year that put their seed genetics to the test. It’s hard to make a choice about next year’s varieties without knowing what’s coming up in the weather forecast, but this is a good time to start studying your options. There are […] Read more

Fighting blackleg Down Under

Australia's battle to hold back blackleg has had its share of success

Speakers at Syngenta’s launch of Saltro, a new seed treatment, explained that Australian farmers have a different, more conservative approach to blackleg. In 1973, said Steve Marcroft from Marcroft Grains Pathology in Australia, “blackleg completely destroyed the crop.” For 15 years after that, there was very little canola grown in Australia. In the late 1980s, […] Read more