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Where to find your provincial crop protection guides

Spring is in the air. That means its time to get your new provincial crop protection guide for all the latest information on registered herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Here’s how: In Manitoba: For an online copy, Google “Manitoba” and “Guide to Crop Protection” and Google will direct you to a “Guides and Publications” page with many […] Read more

Add a refuge to your soft white wheat

SeCan asks Prairie soft white wheat growers to protect midge-tolerant technology

It was a great day for wheat growers when breeders first transferred the Sm1 gene from varieties of soft red winter wheat into spring wheat. Commercial midge-tolerant spring wheat varieties launched in 2010. But, as they state on the Midge Tolerant Wheat website (, “there is no Plan B.” To keep wheat midge populations from […] Read more

Help is here for soybean sudden death

Bayer’s new ILeVO soybean seed treatment may bring relief to Ontario farmers

While sudden death syndrome in soybeans hasn’t yet been a scourge on the Prairies, it has spread across Ontario and it could be on its way to a soybean field near you. When sudden death syndrome hits Manitoba, farmers might be looking for Bayer’s new ILeVO seed treatment fungicide. This product is a Group 7 […] Read more

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Safer grain storage with automation?

PAMI tests a new Australian system that controls fans based on outside weather

With more large bins on the farm, safe grain storage has become more important. And keeping grain from heating or spoiling is more complicated than it would seem. “The chance of spoilage really depends on two things. It’s both temperature and moisture,” said Lorne Grieger, the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) vice president for Manitoba […] Read more

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Most common fertility questions

Rigas Karamonos answers the fertilizer questions he’s hearing from farmers

At CropConnect in Manitoba in February, Dr. Rigas Karamanos gave his 868th presentation to farmers. He’s been counting. And, he said, it’s the 35th time he’s been asked to give a talk on “contemporary fertility issues.” He used his time on the CropConnect agenda to talk about the issues he hears farmers raising. Fertilizing for […] Read more

Changing nitrogen use to avoid taxes

Nobody likes the idea of a new tax. Especially when it could impact the way we farm

[Updated: April 9, 2017] When Dr. Mario Tenuta braved icy roads to drive from his home in Winnipeg to Weyburn, Sask., to speak at the Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation (IHARF) Soil and Crop Management Seminar, he wasn’t planning to make many friends. The University of Manitoba soil scientist had come to make farmers aware […] Read more

Dicamba drift gets real

Will new spray chemistry lower the risk of dicamba drift in 2017?

In 2016, so many U.S. farmers spaying dicamba had spray drift problems that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a compliance advisory in August citing “an unusually high number of reports of crop damage that appears related to misuse of herbicides containing the active ingredient dicamba.” The EPA advisory said: “Extension experts across the country […] Read more