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Be smart about snowmobiling

Editor’s Note: The message comes out of Manitoba but it applies to anyone planning to snowmobile this winter — use the common sense side of the brain. With a number of snowmobile trails in Manitoba expected to open this month, STARS, Snowmobilers of Manitoba Inc. (Snoman) and Lifesaving Society Manitoba have come together to encourage the […] Read more

Movin’ On

Aside from growing up on the farm in the ‘70s and being around machinery on a regular basis as a kid, the TV show “Movin’ On” was a can’t-miss event for me every week the show ran. (There was no DVR back then!) To my mind, the star of that show was the Kenworth W900 […] Read more

It’s time for some political common sense

Lately I’ve been eyeing up my back yard to see if a 1960’s style fallout shelter might fit in it, because for the first time in decades I can envision some sort of post-apocalyptic world emerging from the current political chaos. I may be exaggerating a bit here, but I am genuinely concerned about the […] Read more

Previewing the 8RX

“We’re excited to show you what John Deere is introducing this year,” said one of the brand’s marketing reps as she addressed a group of farm machinery writers. That was several weeks ago as we sat in one of the meeting rooms inside the green brand’s Waterloo, Iowa, tractor and cab assembly plant. The smile […] Read more

Drone schools and much more ahead this fall

DRONE SCHOOLS FOR BEEF AND CROPS If you have been wondering if a drone can fit into your farm’s beef management program, a two-day ag drone school coming up in early November in Lacombe County Alberta will not only answer those questions but also prepare you for certification as a drone operator. Landview Drones, based […] Read more

Getting more than you paid for

Earlier in the week I was chatting with a career truck driver. We were discussing how the trucking industry has changed. And we got onto the topic of how technology in the trucks now was so far advanced compared to what was in the rigs we both drove when we were younger. Autoshift transmissions and […] Read more

Get in and hang on

My morning routine usually involves first sitting down in my office with a coffee and scanning through emails, and then checking Twitter to see what, if any, interesting news is being talked about. Today I noticed two very interesting tweets almost one after the other. The contradiction between them was a bit jarring. The first […] Read more

Keeping up with the times

This week a news release on a survey about the general public’s attitude toward education arrived in my digital inbox. I’m not sure how I ended up on the mailing list for it. Getting inundated by “news” releases from marketing staff of all stripes, whether or not it has anything to with what we write […] Read more