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Some areas of Western Canada might already be past the point where “pig free” is even possible, says a University of Saskatchewan researcher.

Wild pigs continue to flourish

Control measures are being developed, although it’s unlikely to ever get them all

I am back on the trail of wild boars in Western Canada after a call from a farmer at Moosomin, in southeast Saskatchewan, who asked if there had been any progress in controlling or eradicating the pest. The short answer — no. From what I can see, the wild boar numbers appear to be increasing, […] Read more

Franck Groeneweg and his family moved to Montana after 18 years of farming at Edgeley, Sask. It’s just over a year now since the family settled on their new 15,000-acre grain farm. This year, Groeneweg plans to apply a pre-seed burnoff,  which may include glyphosate likely tank mixed with 2,4-D, or he may apply a Fortress-type product that includes dicamba and tribenuron, but it will all depend on the weed spectrum in the field.

Weed control efforts off to a good start

There’s more than one way to approach spring weed treatments — Prairie producers discuss their strategies to control competitive weeds

Weed pressure usually isn’t too serious of a problem for most western Canadian crops in March or even early April, especially if there is still snow on the ground, but it’s a topic on many farmers’ radars as they plan for the coming growing season. For several producers in Western Canada, talking about weed control […] Read more

High tech research to produce down to earth beef herd management tools

Great things coming from the U of S Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence

Hang on to your cowboy hat, or maybe it should be your mass spectrometer — a team of researchers working through the University of Saskatchewan has just received about $6.75 million to launch a major project, using technology at the molecular level which should help Canadian beef producers produce more efficient and productive animals. Dr. […] Read more

Figuring out all the angles on rotation can be a complex challenge for farmers.

Rotation, rotation, rotation are a farmer’s best friend in the field

Not rotating crops and chemistries might just be the opportunity crop pests were waiting for

[UPDATED: April 1, 2021] Rotation isn’t a new word, but applying it to all aspects of annual crop production might be a newer concept for western Canadian farmers looking to keep a step ahead of various crop pests, say specialists with Corteva Agriscience. A proper crop rotation, a proper variety rotation, a proper herbicide rotation, […] Read more

Harvey Dann with a proposal about crop quality

Measuring quality and producing crops with the specifications the food industry wants

Harvey Dann, a not-retired Manitoba marketer and key figure in the Western Canadian livestock industry for many years is looking for some progressive thinking farmers to invest a few dollars into learning about the quality of the grains, oilseeds and pulse crops they produce. By knowing quality and establishing benchmarks on a wide range of […] Read more

Taking the soil microbiome to lunch

Taking the soil microbiome to lunch

Research is just starting to reveal life below the soil surface

Any farmer who has ever asked questions about whether the wide range of crop biological products are necessary and really work to benefit the soil or serve to improve crop yield and quality need to keep asking questions. It is not that the marketplace is full of suspect product claims — the biological industry has […] Read more

Beef producers shut out of COVID-19 RETURNS

Consumers paid more for beef, but somehow that didn't reach back to farmers

(Editors Note: Karen Spencer with the University of Calgary School of Public Policy had a look at consumer and beef industry trends (and numbers) over the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and although consumers were very supportive of beef and retailers and processors did pretty well, guess what? Livestock producers and feedlot operators tended […] Read more

Step out of comfort zone with 2021 crop year

Consider higher inputs, but also have safety nets in place

When it comes to crop production and marketing, 2021 is not the year to get wimpy according to some leading Western Canadian agriculture advisors. With some really strong markets across most major commodities don’t let fear get in the way — just go for it. That might be somewhat of an over simplification, but it […] Read more

These are some of the points that BETSY measures to create an ID for each individual animal.

Facial recognition comes to your cowherd

Forget about numbers and letters, BETSY can identify the smile on any Hereford or Holstein and any breed combination in between

The longer I am around the agriculture industry, it seems the more interested I become in seeing what happens next. In a column that appeared in early March, I talked about when I arrived on the scene of the family farm in eastern Ontario in the 1950s. It was at a time when real or […] Read more

Even a cutter ride was a bit of a novelty in 1969, as long-time neighbour Edith Whittaker hitched up her horse on this March day to pay a visit to my grandparents.

Is it over yet? Winter. I’m talking about winter

A bit of electricity and wood heat kept everything comfortable at 30 below

As we were just coming through a serious deep freeze in Calgary as I write this column for the March 2 issue of Grainews, it made me think about some of the winters as a kid growing up on the farm in eastern Ontario. As I recall through the later 1950s and ’60s, we always […] Read more