Garden Peas

94 is out there — don’t settle for average

Agronomics, fertility and overall nutrition can raise field pea yields as high as 94 bushels per acre

It was only a plot, and it wasn’t necessarily a realistic crop nutrient program most producers would consider following, but an ATP Nutrition demonstration at a Saskatchewan farm show last summer, showed Prairie farmers it is possible to produce an 94 bushel field pea crop. That 94 bushel yield, on plots at the Ag In […] Read more

In praise of old tractors and horses

Hart Attacks: It’s been a long journey from horses to tractors to aerial drone technology

I was just catching up on my reading, going through the January 1938 issue of Country Guide magazine and I’m sorry I missed out on a contest to win a brand new Massey Harris tractor in a contest sponsored by Gillett’s Lye. All you had to do is to get every family member, friend, neighbour […] Read more

Soil nutrients are in deficit after 2016

Consider the toll 2016’s big crop took on NPKS when planning for 2017 fertility

Make sure you have a late fall or early spring soil test as a guide to plant your 2017 crop fertility program. After the 2016 growing season, this is even more important than usual, says Rigas Karamanos, a long-time soil specialists who is now a senior agronomist for Koch Fertilizer Canada. Karamanos says his message isn’t […] Read more

Fertilizer expert discourages winter application

While winter application can even out workload, losses are high and pollution is a risk

Considering how the 2016 growing/harvest season went, there may be a real crunch this spring to first find and then get fertilizer applied at seeding, but if you’re thinking it might be a good idea to get a jump on workload and apply fertilizer this winter on snow or frozen ground — DON’T. That’s the advice […] Read more

The federal carbon tax is already working!

Hart Attacks: It's a miracle. I haven't been feeling any global warming on the Prairies this January

I don’t know what the country is whining about. Alberta’s Climate Change Leadership program (I love that label), also known as a carbon tax, IS WORKING! As I pointed out to my inner circle in an earlier Facebook post, January 2017 is already much colder than it was in late December 2016, so just having […] Read more

Old, new products deliver multi-modes of action

The challenge is to hit weeds with two or more active ingredients to reduce resistance

Old chemistry, new formulations, multiple modes of action — these are all elements farmers can include in their weed control toolbox heading into 2017, say weed researchers and crop protection specialists. One of the most important elements these days for either preventing or managing herbicide resistance in weeds is to approach control with multiple modes […] Read more

The pros and cons of a head transplant

Hart Attacks: I have my doubts about whether or not this old brain can do a new body justice

As the New Year kicks off, I have been giving some thought to getting my name on the head transplant waiting list — I just have to decide whether I want to be a donor or a recipient. Yes, that’s the new boundary that medical technology dares to be pushing as an Italian neurosurgeon Sergio […] Read more

Eastern farmers honoured by OYF win

Tough decision to select only two winners from a field of outstanding nominees

Two eastern Canadian farm couples have been named Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (CYOF) for 2016. Andrew and Jennifer Lovell of Keswick Ridge, NB and Dominic Drapeau and Célia Neault of Ste-Françoise-de-Lotbinière, Que., were named to receive the national honours at the CYOF annual awards program held in Niagara Falls, Ont. in early December. The two […] Read more

Canola 100 Challenge still waiting for a winner

Canola 100: The top yield was 81.4 bushels per acre in 2016. Will we have a winner next year?

Fortunately there’s next year. While there was no 100 bushel canola yield winner in the first-ever 2016 Canola 100 challenge, organizers say that isn’t necessarily all bad, as the interest, excitement and momentum will carry on in 2017. None of the 21 western Canadian farmer finalists who registered for the high yield contest produced a […] Read more

The Central Alberta experience

Canola 100 Challenge: An Alberta farmer tests practices toward optimizing his canola yield

Central Alberta farmer, Mike Nelson knows his canola fell short of the magic 100-bushel yield mark for the 2016 Canola 100 Challenge, but the experience made it worthwhile for him to consider the contest again. Nelson, who is part of the family farming operation, Nelson Farms, that includes his father Lorne, brother Matt and brother-in-law […] Read more