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Eastern farms capture Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers awards

P.E.I and Que. Farmers selected from nominees as national winners

The national awards for Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (COYF) stayed east in 2019 as Justin and Laura Rogers of Brae, P.E.I., and Simon Michaud and Mylène Bourque of Kamouraska, Que. were chosen in December as overall winners from seven regional OYF finalists from the across the country. At competitions hosted by the Atlantic Canada OYF […] Read more

Herbicide “layering” strategy delivers multiple punches

Effective for weed control and reduces risk of herbicide resistant weeds surviving

Corey Loessin has for several years been delivering the one/two and sometimes multiple punches through the pulse crop weed control program on his northwest Saskatchewan farm. Primarily growing red lentils and yellow peas near Radisson, northwest of Saskatoon, Loessin says his main objective is to use different products with varying modes of action to control […] Read more

Wily wireworm remains a mystery

Lack of effective control allows pest to flourish

Dallas Leduc says he hasn’t noticed any particular yield losses he can blame on wireworm damage in crops on his southern Saskatchewan, grain, oilseed and pulse crop operation, but then for many years they’ve also made a point of using recommended seed treatments as well. “The pest is out there and we may have the […] Read more

Weather worked against Manitoba grower’s Nexera canola crop

Increased contracting opportunity for high-quality specialty canola for 2020

Just about every element possible worked against Dustin Williams’ Nexera canola crop on his southwest Manitoba farm in 2019. Cool, dry conditions at seeding, stagey crop development, multiple insect pressure, hail, poor harvest weather, too much rain, snow and ice. And then, just as the swathed crop was about to be combined, strong winds blew […] Read more

Drones. How did we farm without them?

Hart Attacks: Drone school explained how flying cameras can change the cattle business

I know I shouldn’t be amazed by anything that has to do with new technology, but it seems I always am. I recently spent part of a day at a central Alberta drone school —primarily geared to beef producers — and came away thinking it just never ends. So there I was in a community […] Read more

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers heads for New Brunswick

National competition has to select the best from the best

Some of the brightest young minds in Canadian farming will be meeting in Fredericton, N.B., in early December for the 39th annual awards program of Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (COYF). Seven farm couples, selected as regional winners from across the country earlier this year, will be vying for recognition of the national title, as they […] Read more

Canada’s OYF 2019: Quebec nominees

Re-design of a re-design gets dairy on track for Quebec farmers

Starting their own dairy farm hasn’t exactly been a smooth road for Simon Michaud and Mylene Bourque, but the young Quebec couple’s efforts to establish a productive and efficient farming operation in the heart of tourist country earned them recognition earlier this year as Quebec’s regional finalist for the Outstanding Young Farmer’s program. Born and […] Read more

Greta Thunberg, tearless onions and fond farewells

Hart Attacks: All kinds of people and messages make a difference

I’m writing this column on election day, so it is too early for me to comment if it was either a good, bad or surprising election result. I am just glad it is over. I have often thought the real winners in any federal, provincial or even municipal election are the paper companies. First they […] Read more

BASF launches into a new era

Diversified portfolio and commitment to Canadian growers

[UPDATE: Oct. 29, 2019] Hybrid wheat certainly isn’t the only new product BASF has in the development pipeline, but it is an indicator of the game-changing technology the long time “pulse crop” company plans to deliver to western Canadian farmers in a vastly expanded cropping systems role over the coming years. While field trials of […] Read more

The silver lining of a good memorial service

Hart Attacks: A few thoughts about people who make a difference

My dad, later in life, would occasionally lament that he and mom spent too much time going to funerals — regretting too many of his neighbours and fishing buddies had died. While my Aunt Keitha, who turns 100 in November, always enjoyed a good funeral, giving her a chance to see and visit with people […] Read more