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Robin Cristo says it was a challenge to pick up the lowest pods with combines equipped with flex headers without also picking up rocks in the field.

Soybeans have potential, but need a bit of work

Southwest Saskatchewan producers say crop not suited to dry mid-summer conditions

Soybeans are close to having a good fit in southern Saskatchewan crop rotations, but two farmers who grew the crop for several years, say it would be good if plant breeding could improve drought tolerance and really good if there was a way to get lower pods on the plant stem at least a little […] Read more

The ebb and flow of soybean production

Acres have been up and down on the Prairies

While soybean production across Canada has had its ebbs and flows of seeded acres over the years, the trend has generally been in an upward direction with breeding work continuing to develop varieties adaptable to variable growing conditions particularly in Western Canada. A profitable crop, largely only grown in southern Ontario until the 1970s, soybeans […] Read more

Southern Alberta farmer Brady Valgardson has been experimenting with cover crops for the past five years. 
One of his objectives is to reduce the risk of soil being lost to wind erosion during the vulnerable post-harvest to pre-seeding period.

The cover crop learning curve

There is plenty of good information in theory, but a Taber grower is learning what works best for his farm

Challenges, commitment, trial and error, faith and steep learning curve. Those are some of the terms that southern Alberta farmer Brady Valgardson uses when he describes his experience with regenerative agriculture over the past five years. Valgardson, who is the fourth generation on the family farm southwest of Taber (about 50 kilometres east of Lethbridge), […] Read more

Pulse markets beating strong

Pandemic turns spotlight on plant protein sources

UPDATED: Jan. 21, 2021: Markets for pulse crops in Canada and the United States should generally remain favourable over most of 2021 and even for several years beyond, says the head of the largest U.S. pulse crop processor. Jeff Van Pevenage, president and CEO of Columbia Grain International headquartered in Portland, Oregon, acknowledges while the […] Read more

Nutrient Management Seminar series continues

Great speakers and great information for the on-line series

Be on-line for the next seven Monday afternoons around 2 p.m. to see and hear some to the leading experts in in Western Canada talk about nutrient and soil health management topics.   The 2021 Alberta Nutrient Management Seminar Series actually started last Monday, Jan. 11with a presentation by Ross McKenzie explaining how to read […] Read more


Somebody has to win these great prizes

Final reminder… you have until midnight this Friday, Jan. 15, 2021 to get your entry in for a chance at some $34,000 in prizes in the big Christmas giveaway organized by AGvisorPro. Visit their website at to enter. AGvisorPro is the relatively new service that connects farmer subscribers with a huge network of crop, […] Read more

Friendly Acres Seed Farm’s Kevin Elmy is the founder of Cover Crops Canada and the author of Cover Cropping in Western Canada.

It’s all about making healthier soil

Get soil chemistry and organisms back on track

What do you want to change about your cropping operation? That’s the first question farmers need to think about as they look into the relatively new world of regenerative agriculture (regen ag). It’s a big subject area, with plenty of variables, layers and “twists,” say agronomy consultants who work with producers on implementing regen ag […] Read more

About six years ago, Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote and John Cote decided to take the farm business in a whole new direction. They bought an 80-acre parcel of land near Saskatoon where they built a distillery and now grow flowers.

You never know what these farmers are up to

OYF alumni are letting no moss grow under their feet

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (COYF) had to forego the usual flurry of hugs and handshakes at their annual awards week this year, but they still ran an informative online event in early December. There were no winners to be announced for 2020. That part of the program was just postponed to, hopefully, later in 2021 […] Read more

Good stuff coming in January 5, 2021 Grainews

Just when you thought you knew it all, along comes another issue

In these last few days before Christmas, the Grainews publishing machine is cranking out the January 5, 2021 of the magazine and actually before December ends we will be in the final stages of putting together the January 19 issue of the magazine as well. No rest for the wicked this time of year. But […] Read more

Be sure to register for Banff Pork Seminar

Provides full access to seminar resources

With the 2021 Banff Pork Seminar less than one month away, producers are urged to get registered for the virtual online event, providing full access to speaker presentations before and after the seminar. Although registration is free for the seminar that runs Jan. 5 and Jan. 7, only those who register ahead of time for […] Read more