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Landscape featuring a harvested grain field.

Interesting twist on high cost of farmland

These high prices are great news for sellers, but they leave buyers out of the game

Just about every farmer I talk to in all parts of the country has a common buyer’s complaint — they want to expand their farming operation but land prices are high. It is difficult for established family farms to grow and new farmers are finding it almost impossible to get into the business on land […] Read more

red spring wheat

Niche market wheats are coming soon

Reduced-gluten wheat just the first of several geared to consumer tastes

While your everyday, even high quality, hard red spring wheat isn’t doing so well in the marketplace right now, a biotech company in Davis, California, is launching a new reduced-gluten HRSW. Arcadia Biosciences also has other wheats with distinctive health-benefit traits in its pipeline. Arcadia is hopeful that introducing these non-GMO traits into wheat will […] Read more

Tragedy helps us find sense of community

Tragic accident brings back memories of communities, and a new search for them

With the nation and a good part of the world riveted for a couple of weeks on the tragedy of the bus crash north of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, in early April that resulted in the death of 16 members of Humboldt Broncos hockey club, there was one uplifting message: Canadian and, perhaps more broadly, human compassion […] Read more

Farmers hoping for a balance in moisture

As spring finally takes hold, producers report a wide range of seeding conditions

The 2018 seeding season is starting out as a Goldilocks year for many western Canadian farmers — with conditions ranging from too dry, or too wet, they are looking for that middle ground that is “just right.” Producers in parts of Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan are reporting enough moisture to get the crop started, but […] Read more

Edge herbicide approved for use with hemp

Established chemistry increases weed control options in specialty crop

Will Van Roessel may be reducing hemp acres on his southern Alberta farm this year, reflecting market signals over increasing world production, but he will be using Edge herbicide to help control pre-emergent weeds. Van Roessel who along with family members operates Specialty Seeds near Bow Island, just west of Medicine Hat, says Edge is […] Read more

We’re going somewhere in a handbasket

We could take the train to get there, but unfortunately there are no rail cars

The movement and marketing of natural resources vital to western Canadians isn’t that important — oil and grain can wait. Let’s focus on the real priority — getting cannabis into the hands of consumers. And maybe that’s the strategy. Get people high on marijuana and then they won’t really notice that governments aren’t doing anything. […] Read more

What’s the impact of agricultural business mergers?

Are these companies merging to get stronger, or prepare for changing trends?

Are big agriculture company mergers a good or bad thing for the ag industry in general and for farmers specifically? “It is a big question that doesn’t have any real clear cut answers,” says Murray Fulton, a business professor at the University of Saskatchewan. Historically mergers haven’t been all that favourable in industry in general, […] Read more

Humble egg raised to new level

Next time you’re in Calgary track down the Crack’d YYC food truck

Many years ago at a folk festival I was inspired by the message on a T-shirt worn by an old hippie that read — “Beer — so much more than just a breakfast drink.” Some variation of that might be adapted by Canadian egg producers… maybe “Eggs — so much more than just a sandwich […] Read more

Corteva builds on Dow/Dupont foundation

New seed and crop protection company has a one-track mind — agriculture

Following the merger of DuPont and Dow, western Canadian farmers won’t see any major changes for the next year or so, but be ready for Corteva Agriscience — it will be the new name delivering some familiar products, with promises of more and better things to come. The Delaware-based Corteva Agriscience won’t fully take to […] Read more

Decisive Farming offers data incentive

Alberta-based company recognizes malt barley production data has value

If you’re OK with sharing your data for research purposes, Decisive Farming is looking for malt barley growers across Western Canada interested in growing this year’s crop with variable rate technology. The Alberta-based company, providing a wide range of agronomic and farm management services, is actually offering a first-of-a-kind program to pay producers $4 per […] Read more