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Corteva builds on Dow/Dupont foundation

New seed and crop protection company has a one-track mind — agriculture

Following the merger of DuPont and Dow, western Canadian farmers won’t see any major changes for the next year or so, but be ready for Corteva Agriscience — it will be the new name delivering some familiar products, with promises of more and better things to come. The Delaware-based Corteva Agriscience won’t fully take to […] Read more

Decisive Farming offers data incentive

Alberta-based company recognizes malt barley production data has value

If you’re OK with sharing your data for research purposes, Decisive Farming is looking for malt barley growers across Western Canada interested in growing this year’s crop with variable rate technology. The Alberta-based company, providing a wide range of agronomic and farm management services, is actually offering a first-of-a-kind program to pay producers $4 per […] Read more

Nufarm working its way up the middle

Don’t be too hard on the Aussies — they have to deal with Canadian winter

Be ready for the Aussie invasion. Some of them are here now, and more are likely to follow. It is probably a slight exaggeration to say having lunch with the fairly new-to-Canada country manager of Nufarm is really an Aussie invasion, but Lachie McKinnon is the second Australian I have met in the past 20 […] Read more

Next time you’re crazy, talk to someone

I usually want my columns to be of as much general interest as possible, but this issue I’m targeting just those readers who are crazy. You know who you are. You’re the people who get up every morning, have breakfast, put your boots on and head out the door to start your day — yes […] Read more

Planter precision pays off for canola

Planters produce vigorous canola stands, and in some trials, higher economic returns

Darren Feitsma says using a precision planter for canola is producing a very uniform, robust crop stand on his central Alberta farm. His seeding rate is about half of what he might use with an air seeding system, yet with higher seed emergence rates and good nutrient uptake, yields are comparable. He has found over […] Read more

Cutaway of Plant and Roots in Dirt

Don’t trust your oats with any secrets

Hart Attacks: You don’t want to know what plants are saying about you behind your sprayer

Today’s take home message: watch what you say or do out in the buckwheat patch. Plants aren’t exactly seeing, but they could be listening and they are definitely communicating. That’s what Jack Schutlz, a biologist and zoologist at the University of Missouri, whose business card describes him as a chemical ecologist, tells me anyway. Schultz […] Read more

Custom operators are farmers too

Farmer Panel: Whether your farm is growing, holding steady or downsizing, custom work has a fit

Starting out, winding down or expanding the farm business or somewhere in between — those are among the good reasons producers for this Farmer Panel are providing custom farming services. Ultimately custom farming is about providing some extra cash flow or farm income when the equipment lineup may be somewhat oversized for the farm land […] Read more

Armchair critic strikes again

Lee Hart can find something to natter about on just about every news page

It is almost impossible for me to listen to a news broadcast or skim through any “news” publications without having a million comments. Three of my most frequent observations: “boy that’s stupid” or “some people need to get a life” or “wow, that’s new to me!” In the Calgary news lately, a group of naturists […] Read more

New Trimble technology helps manage water

GPS-guided dozer blades can help contour fields prone to ponding and flooding

After a widely-felt dry year like 2017, many western Canadian producers aren’t likely concerned about too much moisture, but the fact is not all areas were dry last year. And the reality also is most producers can remember in the not too distant past growing seasons, that standing and ponded water on cropland was a […] Read more

Get your meat hoodie, go to Woolworths

Hart Attacks: A new Stanford study shows “going green” impacts farming practices

If you are looking for a conversation starter next time you’re at a vegan dinner party, a friend sent me a link to these attractively designed sweatshirts from the U.S. The Gamiss company makes a wide range of hoodie styles and patterns, but this particular one looks like real meat — unlike some art and […] Read more