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Be smart about snowmobiling

Editor’s Note: The message comes out of Manitoba but it applies to anyone planning to snowmobile this winter — use the common sense side of the brain. With a number of snowmobile trails in Manitoba expected to open this month, STARS, Snowmobilers of Manitoba Inc. (Snoman) and Lifesaving Society Manitoba have come together to encourage the […] Read more

Drone schools and much more ahead this fall

DRONE SCHOOLS FOR BEEF AND CROPS If you have been wondering if a drone can fit into your farm’s beef management program, a two-day ag drone school coming up in early November in Lacombe County Alberta will not only answer those questions but also prepare you for certification as a drone operator. Landview Drones, based […] Read more

Pencil out your winter feeding costs

Depending on your region of Western Canada, feed for cattle this winter might be in short supply. Does it make economic sense to feed cattle expensive feed? That’s the question Ted Nibourg, long-time Alberta Agriculture farm management specialist urges producers to pencil out before the feeding season begins. In a recent article in the Alberta […] Read more

Beef pot roast confirms global warming

It was good to see The Weather Network holding the feet of the Canadian beef industry to the fire in a bid to reduce greenhouses gases and save the planet. The Weather Network recently caught some heat from the Canadian Cattleman’s Association following a tweet from the Network that said: “If you really want to […] Read more

Cattle, balers and herbicides on AIM Day 2 agenda

Not that people haven’t seen cows before, but it was good to see several beef breeds featured at the Masterfeeds Beef Breeds Showcase at the 2019 Ag In Motion (AIM), near Langham, Sask. Hereford cattle along with the less common, but often award winning Speckle Park beef breed were on display. Palmer Charolais of Bladworth, […] Read more

Ag In Motion #5 ready to roll

No turning back now, folks. The show begins. The gates don’t officially open until Tuesday morning (July 16) but after months of planning and weeks of set up, the 2019 edition – fifth annual- Ag In Motion (AIM) farm show is ready to roll near Langham, Sask. Bigger and better than ever? Well I saw […] Read more

Some days the news ain’t great

Well it is not exactly the weather forecast Prairie farmers were hoping to hear, but AccuWeather is predicting a hot, dry summer across most of Western Canada. Actually the west side of Alberta will be hot, dry and smoky and the rest of the prairies will just be hot and dry, according to AccuWeather Senior […] Read more