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As a farmer, Cynthia Beck knows first hand about mental health issues, and she is also working as a health care provider to help others who may be going through a tough time.

Connecting rural communities to mental health

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help

People in rural communities with limited access to mental health care can use the phone as the first step to reach a crisis intervention program, says Cynthia Beck, a farmer and university student completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She plans to finish graduate school and become a registered clinical psychologist working in rural […] Read more

Lemken introduces iQblue connect retrofit kit to enable smart implement control on certain tillage implements.

Lemken introduces iQblue connect retrofit kit

New implement control system due in October

Although ploughing isn’t nearly as popular in Western Canada as in Europe, for example, there are still a few ploughing matches in various parts of the country where people compete to demonstrate their ability to create perfectly straight furrows. However, the need for that level of operator skill is fast becoming old school. GPS has […] Read more

Some crops are a little more salt tol­erant — like canola shown above as well as alfalfa, corn, oats and wheat — and you will probably not see sig­nificant yield loss until you hit a conductivity number of about two mS/cm, says Lyle Cowell with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Crops and saline soils

Plant something, but choose carefully

When it comes to planting most annual cash crops on saline land, Lyle Cowell does not mince words: stop. “When a cattle farm has a cow that is no longer productive, that cattle farmer will not continue to try to breed that cow. It will be culled,” says the agronomist with Nutrien Ag Solutions in […] Read more

The 2021 Banff Pork Seminar offered a trove of valuable information for Canada’s hog producers.

Pandemic rewriting food fundamentals

Expert urges farmers to get in on direct-marketing wave

He’s known as the “food professor,” an educator in food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and senior director of the university’s innovative Agri-Food Analytics Lab. Sylvain Charlebois spends his days on “predictive analytics,” looking at the future of food. Many will know him from frequent mainstream media appearances. He is also […] Read more

CASA welcomes new chief executive officer

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrea Lear as its new chief executive officer. With a long history of not-for-profit experience, Lear joins CASA after working as the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association’s executive director. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her years of working in financial services. […] Read more

Tips to optimize your 2021 canola crops

Set yourself and your crop up for success

No two growing seasons are alike, but Prairie canola growers can still draw from the mix of familiar and unique challenges they faced last year to better prepare for the season ahead. “For canola, it’s about setting the crop up from the beginning, so it’s things like good trash management and weed control, and ensuring […] Read more

Proteins and starches are the end game, says Bill Greuel, PIC’s chief executive officer. For too long, Canada has been selling commodities and buying back end products. The types of investments being made will change that, he adds.

New plant protein projects open up opportunities

Investments should benefit farmers down the road

On November 10, 2020, Protein Industries Canada (PIC) announced its 12th major new plant protein partnership project. The six-partner, $25.7 million tech-innovation effort is PIC’s sixth major project announcement in the last five months alone. Together, the 12 projects add up to an impressive $272 million investment in Canadian agriculture since PIC formed in November […] Read more

Students at Lakeland College have hands-on learning in beef production.

Lakeland College offers technology degree

Alberta college also expands its beef and applied crop research roles

There were two important developments at Alberta’s Lakeland College in January as the 108-year-old agricultural school headquartered at Vermilion announced it will offer Canada’s first degree in agriculture technology starting this fall. And in a second announcement, the college has received nearly $2 million in a grant to expand applied research in pulse crop agronomy […] Read more

Rebate roundup 2021

Program details to maximize your input dollars and put cash back in your pocket

Once again, it’s time for the Grainews annual rebate roundup. While rebate programs aren’t the main factor in decision-making for the crop protection process, producers need to know their options. Without further ado, and in alphabetical order, here’s our annual roundup of available rebates in Western Canada for the 2021 growing season. BASF The 2021 […] Read more

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