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Feds tighten forecast for wheat carryout

MarketsFarm — Canadian wheat carryout for the 2021-22 crop year will be even tighter than earlier forecasts, according to updated supply/demand estimates from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), released Wednesday. The October report included only minor adjustments for most crops, with the most notable change from September being a 500,000-tonne reduction in projected wheat ending […] Read more

Wheat being loaded onto a cargo ship in Vancouver in 2011. (File photo: Reuters/Ben Nelms)

Exports tumble as supplies simply not there

'There's very little to sell'

MarketsFarm — Cereal and oilseed exports out of Canada nosedived in August just as the 2021-22 marketing began, according to the monthly export report from the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). At about 2.24 million tonnes, total grain exports were down 38.5 per cent overall compared to those in August 2020. “There’s very little to sell. […] Read more

A farmer applies micronutrients in the fall.

Micronutrient application tips

A look at copper, zinc and boron and other pointers on fertility application

Micronutrients may only be required in small doses, but that doesn’t make them less important to your crops, and fall can be a good time to address any deficiencies. “Much like nitrogen and phosphorus, micronutrients play a critical role in crop production and yield,” says Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist with Koch Agronomic Services. Micronutrients make […] Read more

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Supply/demand pushing up flax prices

Corrected, Sept. 23 — MarketsFarm — Prices for flax have skyrocketed in 2021, as the amount to be harvested has fallen while demand has increased, according to Dale McManus of Johnston’s Seeds at Welwyn, Sask. Johnston’s was paying $38 per bushel for golden flax picked up off of the farm, he said, and brown flax […] Read more

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Alberta reckons with poor quality, low crop yields

MarketsFarm – Crops in Alberta will not only have much lower yields than in previous years, but good quality crops will be harder to find. Provincial crop condition ratings declined over the past two weeks, according to the Province of Alberta’s biweekly crop report as of Aug. 10, which was released three days later. Only […] Read more

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Sask. Crop Report: Harvests ahead of schedule

MarketsFarm – The annual harvest in Saskatchewan is moving along earlier and faster than usual as crops dry down to high heat and lack of moisture. Three per cent of Saskatchewan’s crop has been combined, compared to the less than one per cent at this point last year, according to the province’s crop report for […] Read more

Crop quality greater in western Manitoba

MarketsFarm – While the western parts of Manitoba are seeing healthy crops, the eastern and Interlake regions aren’t so fortunate, according to Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development. Crop ratings for both the southwest and northwest regions range from 50 to 75 per cent good to excellent, according to the province’s weekly crop report released on […] Read more

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Flax prices expected to push higher

MarketsFarm — Although flax prices have held pretty much steady over the last few weeks, prices will soon increase, according to Dale Johnston of Johnston Seeds at Welwyn, Sask. Johnston said prices for old-crop brown and yellow flax were presently about $24 per bushel. New-crop flax was at $18/bu. “By the time we get done […] Read more

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Canola, wheat acres in opposite trends before StatsCan report

'Every commodity was offering options that were profitable'

MarketsFarm — Just days prior to Statistics Canada issuing its latest survey-based crop acreage report on Tuesday next week, analysts are estimating a rise in canola acres at the expense of wheat. “Coming through the winter and towards spring seeding, we were looking at canola prices that were at their highest levels of all time,” […] Read more

I bioassayed soil in January from a field treated twice with the herbicide tribenuron-methyl in 2020 to determine if the field was suitable for a canola crop this year. It was not — the potted field soil fried the canola seedlings, which is shown in the photo at bottom. The photo at top is the check. I recommended the farmer stay with wheat this year on this quarter.

Herbicides and bioassays

A dry fall followed by a dry spring may leave much higher levels of residual herbicides

When you use a soil-persistent herbicide, there are many factors you must consider very seriously. The first thing you have to do is read the label that comes with the herbicide. It will tell you how to mix and apply, water source, what weeds are controlled and so on. Read it very carefully. Of course, […] Read more