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Highline CFR 1251 built to speed up processing

Highline model offers speed when blending hay, straw and grain rations

Winter feed costs make up the bulk of animal input costs on the prairie, so blending forage of different qualities into a ration can help stretch feed stocks and provide the right blends at the right time. The marketing staff at Highline Manufacturing of Vonda, Saskatchewan, believes their CFR1251 Bale Pro processor can help producers […] Read more

Evaluating used heavy trucks: Part 3

This time we look at a higher-priced option with a 2015 model

In the previous two instalments of this series that takes a look at what your dollar buys you in the used heavy truck market, particularly with highway tractors, we’ve looked at two segments of the market. We started off by talking about what’s out there in the low and mid-point price range of the used […] Read more

Irish brand comes to Canada

Keenan now direct selling MechFiber line of processors into Canada

Over the past few years, some European manufacturers have established themselves in the North American market through a direct-from-the-factory retail sales model. Irish livestock feeding equipment manufacturer Keenan has recently joined those ranks. The company displayed one of its MechFiber line of feed processors at the Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon in July. […] Read more

GM rolls out newest “most capable and advanced” Silverado

GM pumps up the muscle in its HD pickup truck release for 2020

It must have been hectic for engineers in GM’s truck department in Detroit over the past few years. The brand has sent several major redesigns out the door in a relatively short period of time. There was the Colorado ZR2 Bison, the new Silverado 1500 Series and the all-new medium duty Silverado Series. Now the […] Read more

GM offers a “personalized” 2019 Silverado

A “full suite” of accessories gives GM pickups four distinct personalities

In September 2018, GM displayed a High Country version of the 2019 Silverado at the Texas State Fair. It was the debut for this new trim package and is only one of four different “concepts” buyers can opt for when spec’ing out an all new Chevy pickup this fall. “We know every truck customer is […] Read more

Evaluating used heavy trucks: Part 2

This time we look at what’s available in the middle of the used truck price range

Earlier this year we began a series of articles looking to help potential buyers understand what’s available in the used truck tractor market when considering an addition to the farm fleet. We started with a look at a lower-priced unit of under $25,000. This time we’re moving up the price ladder to the mid range […] Read more

Running a classic tractor fleet

Older 2090 and 2290 tractors make an economical option

I often hear people discussing when they should replace their farm equipment with new or updated machines. But that level of investment might not be the most sensible plan for all farms. Keeping an older equipment fleet operating might be the best strategy for some. That’s what brothers Les and Larry Rodgers, who farm near […] Read more

Evaluating used heavy trucks: Part 1

In this multi-part series we look at what’s out there in the used truck market

Heading to a dealership or auction sale and bringing home a new-to-you machine is one of those experiences that just naturally goes with farming. Every producer will have done that many times over the course of his or her career. But shopping for heavy trucks compared to farm machines can be a little different experience. […] Read more