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Canadian dollar, profitability and the food chain

J.P. Gervais, FCC Vice President and Chief Agricultural Economist explains the pros and cons of a low currency environment and how it influences the agricultural food chain. • Canadian dollar major driver of profitability over last few years • Weak loonie supported prices producers received and what they sell in foreign markets • Food processors […] Read more

5 Keys to a Successful Agribusiness

Kevin Stewart helps you focus on your farm’s future with these five tips for successful agribusiness. Video highlights: •Running a successful agribusiness can be achieved by focusing on the road ahead • Think about how decisions made today will help you achieve your long term goals •Use networking to maintain good relationships with your supply […] Read more

What does it take to be a young farmer?

We asked producers and entrepreneurs from across Canada share their thoughts about the passion, drive and commitment it takes to be part of the ag industry they love. • Young farmers share passion, pride, dedication and vision • Passion for ag can’t be learned, but is carried from one generation to the next • Feeding […] Read more

Jon Montgomery:  Using failure to your advantage

Olympic Gold Medalist and host of Amazing Race Canada Jon Montgomery on celebrating success, effective collaboration and failing with positivity. •Important to celebrate life and work as a team •Positivity and determination key to mental and physical transformation •Failure and how you react to it defines you as a person •Peer coaching and collaboration helps […] Read more

Arlene Dickinson: Lessons from an entrepreneur

Arlene Dickinson shares advice and stories from her book “All In” and from Dragon’s Den to help fellow entrepreneurs follow their passion. • Difference between blind passion and passion with purpose • What entrepreneurship and stand-up comedy have in common • Using insecurity as a positive and motivating force • Saying no with confidence • […] Read more