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Sept 16-30| Duck Foot Upgrade Tine

AgDealerTV's Spencer Myers and Scott Garvey from Grainews talk with Steve Kastning about his new inventionthe Duck Foot Upgrade Tine, a swather reel attachment that clips onto your existing swather reel. This video was filmed earlier this summer at Canada's Farm Progress Show 2018.

Attitude, Leadership and Goals

Learn from positivity speaker Sylvain Boudreau how a shift in your perspective can turn you into the CEO of Me Inc. He’ll share his unique views on motivation and attitude. Video highlights: • Like a CEO manages departments of a company, you can manage the departments of your life • How you react to events […] Read more

Learn, plant, grow: A motto for success

Customer relationships are like plants – both need attention and care to thrive. By making gardening easier, Christie Pollack has created a horticultural hub for her customers and successful business model with room to grow. •Analytics and customer profiles help Christie gauge and adapt to customer needs •Christie sells information – website, in-store classes, blogs […] Read more

Buy or rent farmland: Which option is right for you?

Deciding whether to buy or rent farmland can be a difficult decision. Lance Stockbrugger explains the benefits of both in this video. · Interest rates affect land prices – the lower they are, the less overall cost for the land · Far too often, people make land purchasing decisions based on emotional reasons rather than […] Read more

VIDEO: Separating the good grains from the bad

Ag in Motion 2018: GCS Grain Cleaner removes fusarium-infected grains from your crop

Using a high speed fan that separates premium from lesser quality grains, the GCS Grain Cleaner on display at Ag in Motion 2018 is designed to remove diseased grains – such as fusarium – making it easier for producers to market their crop. The GCS line offers six models ranging in capacity from 200 bushels […] Read more

August 16 – 31 | Fuel Lock Review at CFPS 2018

AgDealer's Spencer Myers and Scott Garvey from Grainews Magazine talk with Landon Fahlman about his new product, the Fuel Lock,at Canada's Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK earlier this summer.