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New soybean seed varieties for 2017

Twenty-four new soybean varieties are coming to the market for western Canadian farmers

NorthStar Genetics has four new varieties on offer for 2017.

If you haven’t been watching the market for new soybean seed, you have some catching up to do. There are 24 new varieties — that’s right, 24 — for 2017. And that is just the new varieties, not the almost-new varieties that have been released in the last two or three years.

Companies have been investing breeding research dollars into soybean varieties that can be grown in areas with a shorter season. For growers in traditional soybean-growing areas, retailers are offering stronger disease packages and higher yield potential.

Evaluating all of these varieties and choosing the best option for your farm is going to take some time. Start early.

This list is alphabetical, and includes only varieties that will be new to the market in 2017.


NSC Mollard LL: For 2017, one LibertyLink soybean variety will be available for Western Canada. NSC Mollard LL from NorthStar Genetics is a 2450 CHU (00.6 relative maturity) variety with a branchy plant architecture, very high iron-deficiency chlorosis (IDC) score, and mid-tall height with high pods for an easy harvest. For weed control, Liberty 200+ AMS tank-mix is registered on LL soybeans in Western Canada. Bayer does recommend a Group 1 herbicide tank-mix with Liberty on soybeans; speak to your Bayer representative for further information.


BrettYoung Lono R2: Lono R2 is a new medium maturity (2450 CHU 00.5 Relative Maturity) soybean from Elite that offers excellent pod height with a semi-bushy to bushy medium tall plant. Lono R2 is suitable for planting in all row spacings and is semi-tolerant to IDC. Lono R2 has excellent tolerance to white mould and phytophthora root rot (Rps 1K gene). It has been a consistent performer in the MCVET trials over the past two years.

BrettYoung Podaga R2: Podaga R2 is a new RR2 soybean from Elite suited to the long season soybean areas of Manitoba. It is rated at 2525 CHU and 00.8 relative maturity. Podaga R2 has a tall plant that is suited to all row spacings and has performed consistently in trials in the past two years. It has good tolerance white mould, phytophthora root rot (Rps 1K gene) and is tolerant to IDC. Podaga R2 is a full season performer.

BrettYoung Marduk R2X: Marduk R2X is the latest in soybean genetics from Elite. Marduk R2X combines Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait for glyphosate and dicamba tolerance in a great agronomic package suited to the key soybean production areas of southern Manitoba. It is a medium to tall semi-bushy plant that has provided consistent yields across all zones in trials. It is semi-tolerant to IDC and has good resistance to phytophthora (Rps1c gene) and is resistant to soybean cyst nematode and performs well against white mould. It is rated at 2425 CHU.

CPS/Proven Seed

PV 10s005 RR2: PV 10s005 RR2 is a Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield mid-maturity soybean with an ultra-high yield of 114 per cent of mean. It has a relative maturity of 00.5 (2425 HUs), top class white mould resistance, leading emergence, excellent standability and is well-suited to highly productive soil in wide and narrow row production. PV 10s005 RR2 is the first soybean variety from Proven Seed and is available exclusively at Crop Production Services retails.


RX0636 0.6 Xtend: RX0636 0.6 Xtend is new with 2675 CHU. It is high yielding, tall aggressive and branchy, a better fit on heavier soil and minimum tillage. This variety prefers wide rows.

RX2436 2.4 Xtend: RX2436 2.4 Xtend is new with 3150 CHU. It is medium height, bushy, and stands well; fits all soils and tillage systems. It has shown consistent yields across environments and comes with a good disease package.

RX3015 3.0 Xtend: RX3015 3.0 Xtend is new with 3225 CHU. It is robust, tall and branchy, and stands well. It comes with a great disease package and nice phenotype.


22-61RY: 22-61RY is a new Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield variety with 2275 CHU. It is a medium-to-tall plant with very good emergence, and is well suited to all soil types and row widths. This variety also has very good phytopthora root rot tolerance and aggressive growth that will make it a great fit for tougher growing conditions.

DKB005-52: DKB005-52 is a new Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety with 2425 CHU. It can be described as having medium height and very good standability. This variety features an excellent agronomic package such as very good white mould tolerance, soybean cyst nematode resistance, and excellent tolerance to phytopthora root rot. It is well suited to all soil types and row widths

Dow Seeds

DS0067Z1: DS0067Z1 is a Roundup Ready 2 variety with 2450 HUs and excellent yields. DS0067Z1 provides strong emergence combined with good PRR giving you good stand establishment. Available through your local Dow Seeds representative.

Dupont Pioneer

P005T13R: P005T13R is a glyphosate tolerant soybean variety with very good early emergence and stability. In 2015 and 2016, it provided an average yield increase of 1.1 bu./acre over Pioneer variety P006T78R with 59 per cent wins in 22 large scale field comparisons across Western Canada. P003T13R also comes with built-in 1C phytophthora resistance.

P006T46R: P006T46R is a very consistent and high yielding Glyphosate tolerant soybean variety, with above average early emergence with very good lodging resistance and has the built-in phytophthora 1C gene. In 2015 and 2016, it provided an average yield increase of 2.2 bu./acre over Pioneer variety P006T78R with 70 per cent wins in 23 large scale field comparisons across Western Canada.

DuPont Pioneer will be releasing new soybean varieties in 2017 in small volumes.

North Star Genetics

NSC Leroy RR2Y: NSC Leroy RR2Y is a Genuity Roundup Ready 2 line that is super ultra early maturing (2225 CHU or 000.6 Relative Maturity) that will be the earliest maturing soybean variety in Western Canada. This is definitely the variety of choice for new soybean growers in Saskatchewan in the black soil zone. This variety has a plant growth structure that’s fairly tall and upright.

NSC StarCity RR2X: NSC StarCity RR2X is the first early maturing soybean variety with the new Xtend trait, allowing grower to use glyphosate and dicamba for extended in-season weed control. It is rated at 2250/2275 CHUs or 000.8 relative maturity. Tall growth habit with good yield potential. A must for growers who need to manage their use of glyphosate to prevent resistance. Does well in reduced tillage.

NSC Austin RR2Y: NSC Austin RR2Y boasts very strong yields with superior white mold resistance and strong disease package. It is rated at 2375 CHUs or 00.3 relative maturity. This variety is well-suited to highly productive soils.

NSC Starbuck RR2X: NSC Starbuck RR2X is one of our first Roundup Ready 2 Xtend varieties offering high yields and fits all soils. It is rated at 2425 CHUs or 00.5 relative maturity. It has good IDC resistance, an excellent disease package, and tolerance to white mold. This variety also stands well at a medium height with great appearance.


PS 00095 R2: PS 00095 RS is a new introduction for the late 000 maturity group with the Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait. This variety presents an opportunity into the very short season growing areas. Best performance on narrow row widths. Above average IDC rating. Ideally suited for 2275 CHU. Excellent white mould resistance and good field tolerance to phytophthora root rot. Available at your nearest PRIDE Seed Dealer 1-800-265-5280. Pending registration. Maturity Group: 000.9.

PS 0055 R2: PS 0055 R2 is a new introductory 2425 CHU Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait variety ideally suited for short season zones. Above average IDC tolerance. Excellent phytopthora Rps 1k tolerance, standability and disease resistance. Adapted to all soils, handles stress extremely well, and can be planted in no-till, minimum till practices. Excellent white mould resistance. Best yields will be experienced in seven to 15″ row widths. Available at your nearest PRIDE Seed Dealer 1-800-265-5280. Maturity Group: 00.4.

0066 XR: 0066 XR is a new, exciting introductory 2450 CHU PRIDE Seeds Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety ideally suited for the mid to long season zones. Provides tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides. Exceptional standability for ease of harvest. Good field tolerance to phytophthora root rot. Excellent white mould resistance. Good plant height in marginal and heavier soils. Available at your nearest PRIDE Seed Dealer 1-800-265-5280. Maturity Group: 00.6.


Barron R2X: Barron R2X is a 2250 CHU Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety (tolerance to Roundup and Dicamba for broader weed control). Barron R2X is a tall, branchy, aggressive plant type with great yield potential for its maturity range. Available from member retailers.

Barker R2X: Barker R2X is a 2425 CHU Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety (tolerance to Roundup and Dicamba for broader weed control) with average maturity suitable for all eastern Prairie growing areas and great upside yield potential. IDC rating is semi-tolerant and the variety has the rps1K resistance gene for Phytopthora and the resistance gene for cyst nematode. Available from member retailers.


S001-B1: S001-B1 is a high-yielding soybean in early group 00. A medium-tall plant with dependable standability, S001-B1 features excellent iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance, and contains the Rps1c gene for phytophthora root rot with very good field tolerance. For local yield results and additional information, check out

S003-L3: S003-L3 soybean seed features distinguishing pod clusters and a unique plant type. It is broadly adapted across yield environments and features very strong iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance. It demonstrates strong emergence, combined with very good phytophthora field tolerance, for planting into cool soils. For local yield results and additional information, visit

S006-W5: S006-W5 soybean seed has demonstrated exciting, top-end yields. It features a unique Rps stack (Rps1a, Rps3a) for superior phytophthora protection, and is well-suited for highly productive soils. For local yield results and additional information, visit

Thunder Seed

TH 87000R2X: TH 87000R2X is an ultra early soybean for Western Canada, 2250 CHU. It has excellent yield potential and good spring vigour. It’s a tall, aggressive branchy type. Does well in reduced tillage.

TH 87003R2YX: TH 87003R2YX has excellent IDC tolerance, 2375 CHU. It has excellent yield and an exceptional disease package. It works well in wide rows. It’s a tall, aggressive variety.

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