New corn varieties for 2017

With more than 20 new corn varieties, farmers have some research to do

If you’re farming in a corn-growing area in Western Canada, you’ll have more than 20 new varieties to consider for your 2017 rotations. New genetics bring higher yields and better disease packages, while shorter-season varieties may expand the corn-growing regions to new areas.


BrettYoung E50P52 R: E50P52 R is a new VT Double PRO RIB Complete corn blend technology from Elite that delivers corn borer protection without the hassle of planting a separate refuge. E50P52 R has excellent spring vigour and high-yielding genetics. E50P52 R has a solid agronomic profile that adapts to varying growth conditions. It is rated at 2300 CHU and has a dent-type kernel with excellent dry down and bushel weight characteristics. E50P52 R has good resistance to Goss’s wilt.

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CPS/Proven Seed

PV 60075 RIB: PV 60075 RIB is an early-maturing VT Double Pro RIB Complete grain and silage corn hybrid with exceptional yield potential of 104.6 per cent of check. At 2150 CHU, it offers good tolerance to Goss’ wilt, strong roots and stalks plus fast dry down. Added convenience of European corn borer protection with Refuge in the Bag while also available with straight Roundup Ready 2 technology trait package as PV 60075 RR. PV 60075 is the first corn hybrid family from Proven Seed and is available exclusively at Crop Production Services retails.


1756VT2P/RIB: 1756VT2P/RIB is new with a 77-day maturity rating and 2350 CHU. It is a fixed-ear hybrid requiring medium to high populations and is a medium-stature plant with a medium flowering date for its maturity rating. Strong roots and test weight combine with good standability and staygreen.

2587VT2P/RIB: 2587VT2P/RIB is new with an 85-day maturity rating and 2625 CHU. This variety is a great product for multiple soil types, boasts excellent staygreen and stalk integrity. Its open husk makes for quick dry down and the plant has good Goss’s wilt tolerance.

3314VT2P/RIB: 3314VT2P/RIB is new with a 93-day maturity rating and 2750 CHU. Its excellent stalks and roots make it a top choice for early vigor and seed growth. This workhorse hybrid is ideal for low-yielding environments and has great ear flex for variable populations.

3705SS/RIB: 3705SS/RIB (VT2P/RIB) is new with a 97-day maturity rating and 2875 CHU. The variety has high yield potential on more variable soils with adequate fertility. It also has excellent stalks and test weight, good Goss’s wilt tolerance for continuous corn and an early flowering for its maturity rating.

4350SS/RIB: 4350SS/RIB is new with a 103-day maturity rating and 3100 CHU. It is ideal for variable geographies and populations. It is a versatile hybrid with a girthy, semi-flex ear; excellent roots on medium plant height; and good Goss’s wilt and stress tolerance.

4791AS3111 (ASGT): 4791AS3111 (ASGT) is new with a 107-day maturity rating and 3200 CHU. The variety produces a medium-tall plant with outstanding late-season intactness. It boasts strong ear flex under density management and has excellent disease tolerance, including for Goss’s wilt.


DKC34-57RIB: DKC34-57RIB is a new Genuity VT Double Pro hybrid with 2550 CHU. It has high yield potential and offers a strong performance in all yield environments. This hybrid performs best on loamy soils.

DKC35-88RIB: DKC35-88RIB is a new Genuity VT Double Pro hybrid with 2600 CHU. It offers excellent yield potential in all soil types and yield environments, and it flowers and dries down true to relative maturity. This hybrid also has excellent stalks and roots.

DKC38-55RIB: DKC38-55RIB is a new Genuity VT Double Pro hybrid with 2675 CHU. This is a medium statured hybrid that flowers early for its relative maturity. It performs best on loamy soils, and growers should plant at medium to high populations for best results.

Dow Seeds

BMR90B94: BMR90B94 is a 2600 CHU Herculex Xtra and Roundup Ready, brown mid rib (BMR) silage corn. This BMR hybrid provides producers with above average NDFd for improved feed performance. BMR90B94 has excellent standability and good stress tolerance this hybrid moves north well. In addition, BMR90B94 also features solid plant agronomics that will support high plant densities and narrow row widths. It is available through your local Dow Seeds representative.

TMF8106RA: TMF8106RA is a 2425 CHU corn silage hybrid which features the SmartStax Refuge Advanced (RA) trait. TMF8106RA is a tall healthy hybrid with a very dense canopy and large ear. This provides very impressive tonnage, which allows growers to make the most of every acre planted. Above and below ground insect protection, combined with the single bag refuge solution makes SmartStax RA a solid choice to optimize harvestability and protect the abundant yield provided by TMF8106RA. It is available through your local Dow Seeds representative.

DuPont Pioneer

P7005AM: P7005AM features ultra-early maturity, excellent yield potential, with good test weight scores, good plant height, and good husk cover.

P7202AM: P7202AM is a new ultra-early maturity variety that produces large kernels with good test weight.

P7958AM: P7958AM is a high yielding Optimum AcreMax product, delivering integrated refuge for above-ground insect control. It has very good drought tolerance and root strength with moderate Goss’s wilt resistance.

P7632AM: P7632AM features Optimum AcreMax, which delivers integrated refuge for above-ground insect control. It also features good drought tolerance, excellent root strength, husk cover and high yields.

Maisex Corn

MZ 1340DBR: MZ 1340DBR, grain hybrid, (2150CHU/73RM) VT Double Pro. Ultra early flowering hybrid with exceptional grain quality and test weight. Industry leading early season vigour adapted for short seasons. Open husks at maturity aid rapid grain drydown. Responds to increased population. Adapted in and north of its maturity zone.

MZ 1482R: MZ 1482R, silage hybrid, (2050CHU/71RM) Roundup Ready corn 2. Solid agronomics. Rapid spring vigour transforms into early flowering plants with exceptional stalk strength. Ears are 16-20 rows around with deep kernels. Position in zone at moderate to higher populations. As a silage option, MZ 1482R provides large robust plants with exceptional starch content and availability.

Pride Corn

A4199G2 RIB and A4099RR: 2150 CHU/2125 CHU. Featuring early pollination and finish. Very nice grain quality and consistency. Rapid emergence and aggressive seedling vigour for a fast, early season start. Good Goss’s wilt rating. Available at your nearest PRIDE Seed Dealer 1-800-265-5280.

A5432G2 RIB: 2425 to 2575 CHU. Impressive benchmark product family for silage and high moisture corn use. Now available as PRIDE G2 VT Double PRO RIB Complete delivering above ground insect control. Very high starch content with very good tonnage potential. Great drought and stress tolerance. Early flowering with excellent health, digestibility and milk and beef/acre scores. Very good Goss’s wilt rating. Available at your nearest PRIDE Seed Dealer 1-800-265-5280.

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