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Dan Brewin, left and Patrick Walther with AGvisorPRO help farmers find those expert answers.

Expert answers are just a phone call away

What’s that bug? What’s that weed? Why is that cow not eating? Why am I not getting the yield I expected from this wheat crop? Which sprayer nozzle will work best for my needs? Why is my combine making that noise? If you’ve been faced with those or hundreds of other questions during your farming day, AGvisorPRO probably has […] Read more

VIDEO: Xarvio aims to shoot weeds by camera, then a targeted herbicide application

Technology wins innovation award in Plant and Soil Science category at Ag in Motion 2019

Brent Nicol of Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions describes how its scouting app uses photo-recognition to identify early-stage weeds, diseases and measure leaf damage using images taken with your smartphone. Xarvio is currently working with technology-maker Bosch to develop ‘Smart Sprayer’ technology that will allow operators to spray individual weeds on-the-go with a targeted herbicide application. […] Read more

AGCO introduced three “next generation” versions of the Challenger MT700 Series at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in August.

Next-generation Challenger tractors

Three new models now make up AGCO’s Challenger MT700 Series

Producers got their first look at the re-styled next-generation MT700 Series track tractors from Challenger at this year’s Farm Progress Show in Illinois. The company has added three new models to the lineup, offering 380 to 431 horsepower. They get that power from a new 9.8 litre diesel that hits peak torque in the 1,200 […] Read more

The BeanIoT thumb-sized “smart” sensors could be deployed in grain bins to measure temperature, humidity or insect movements.

Putting “smart” beans to work in the bin

New technology has game-changing potential for grain storage monitoring

A new technology coming out of Cambridge, England could provide an easy, flexible and cost-effective way for farmers to monitor stored grain, livestock barns, greenhouses or chemical storage sheds. The BeanIoT system deploys thumb-sized “smart” sensors to monitor whatever the user requires. In a grain storage shed or bin that might be temperature, humidity, or […] Read more

A built-in camera function helps the Michelin mobile app calculate inflation pressure requirements for a specific tractor.

Free app calculates tire pressure needs

Michelin just introduced the Pressure Calculator, a free app for mobile phones that can help determine exact pressure requirements for ag tires. Using the Pressure Calculator involves three steps. First, type in the load supported by front and rear axles. Then enter the type of tire using the drop-down menus. Finally, take a photo of […] Read more

Choosing the right beef industry app

Keep records, monitor pastures, even evaluate poop — these are all new smartphone options

There are a bewildering number of apps available today for everything from games to personal fitness, and the livestock industry is not being left behind. But how does a producer decide which app will be the most useful to his or her operation? Kathy Larson, beef economist with the Western Beef Development Centre (WBDC) near […] Read more

Field Tracker Pro app

This field tracking app from Farmer-Apps Inc. is easy to use 
and allows you to track field operations from the tractor cab

We all know field tracking over multiple years is becoming the norm in agriculture due to rental agreement requirements or just for troubleshooting when things go wrong. I know it gives me piece of mind during the year to know I can look back into my records and be able to access information about the field activities […] Read more