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Barley prices, and feed grains in general are expected to remain strong or high going into 2021, which can be a good or bad thing depending on which side of the feed bunk you are standing on.

Strong barley prices will continue in 2021

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: Weather-related impacts and greater demand are key factors

I’ve received many inquiries from cattle producers regarding the feed barley outlook for the remainder of the 2020-21 crop year. Barley prices have rallied nearly $80 per metric tonne (mt) from the harvest lows. There is an old saying among commodity traders that markets are understood looking backwards but have to be traded looking forward. […] Read more

South African farmer Anthony Khourie struggles to protect his livestock and farm from poachers and vandals.

Poachers slaughter cattle on pasture

South African farmers frustrated as livestock killings intensify

Editors Note: There are always some challenges no matter where you farm, but for this South African dairy and beef producer, it is the midnight raid by meat hunters who slaughter cattle right on pasture that’s causing concern. Even though he has 10 night-time security staff members, it is still difficult to keep up with […] Read more

The four-wheel-drive post pounder truck served double duty in getting hay out to cattle after the snowstorm.

Snow forced the cows home early

Eppich News: Post-pounder truck becomes multipurpose vehicle

The beginning of November surprised us with snow. It started the evening of Nov. 7 and all the next day. By the time it was done we had more than two feet of snow. According to the radio, that was more snow than we got in October, November, December and January combined last year. Luckily […] Read more

The bacteria that causes leptospirosis may be spread by being excreted in an animal’s urine and can spread in water sources from wildlife.

Leptospirosis in cattle is difficult to study

Animal Health: Often affects beef reproduction and can reduce milk production

We struggle in veterinary practice in Western Canada to make sense of the leptospirosis disease complex, as it can be hard to substantially diagnose. Leptospirosis is caused by spirochete bacteria that infect lots of different animal species but only certain serovars (variations within bacteria) are really pathogenic to cattle. Pomona and Hardjo are two variations […] Read more

Beef cattle need to be kept in 2.5 to 3 body condition score range heading into calving season.

Proper rations for winter cattle feeding and calving

Cows need to maintain body condition and feed a fetus

There are several kilometres of Highway 59 in southern Manitoba which provide a snapshot of winter-feeding programs. Despite several feet of snow in the winter, I often see many cow herds being overwintered along this stretch of road, since in each one of the adjoining yards are rows of hay bales that I can see […] Read more

Cattle outlook brightens for 2021

Feeder market influenced by lower overall supplies

During mid-December, Lethbridge-area feedlots were selling fed cattle in the range of $138 to $140, up $2 to $4 from 30 days earlier. While Canadian feedlot operators are contending with a backlog of market-ready supplies, cattle on feed 150 days and longer are actually below year-ago levels south of the border. The USDA lowered its […] Read more

Ahead of calving season make sure cattle have an available supply of vitamin A.

Serious consequences for cows with a vitamin A deficiency

Treat with an injection, or top up the vitamin/mineral mix

Early winter is the best time for many beef producers to switch their cow herds to a specialized “winter” vitamin-mineral premix. Gestating cows need more dietary vitamin A as they move throughout the winter and onto the last few months before calving. In this way, nobody gets caught short on providing such an essential nutrient […] Read more

Not enough days in the season

Eppich News: Two loads of calves taken to market just part of the fall projects

Oct. 14 was weaning day for our Eppich Quarter Horse foals. The foals weren’t too upset, but the mommas were. Within just a few days the corral quieted down and everyone accepted the change. The next day we took a load of calves on the two-horse trailer into Provost, Alta. for the sale the next […] Read more

When snow is being used as a winter water source, it’s important to watch the your cow’s body condition.

Snow can work as a winter water source for cattle

Animal Health: But it’s also important to have a fresh source available

Every year at this time there should be talk about winter water sources for livestock. Since water is one of the main building blocks of the body, the quality and quantity of the water source are critical. It has been found in many studies over the years that if good-quality snow is available, mature cattle, […] Read more