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Breeding bulls need time and proper rations to recover after the breeding season.

Bulls need lots of TLC during the post-breeding season

Check for any health problems and make sure they have proper feed, including minerals

As a beef nutritionist, I recommend that bulls during the post-breeding season be given lots of attention, namely a physical exam, a good summer/fall-feeding program (winter programs to follow) and implementing other timely considerations. This will help both mature bulls maintain and young ones achieve body condition and health, which will contribute to next year’s […] Read more

With beef demand increasing and the U.S. beef herd declining, Jerry Klassen figures it should bode well for Canadian beef producers over the coming year. Photo is of mob grazing cattle near Manning, AB.

Positive fundamentals driving cattle prices higher

Increased beef production in Canada will pay off in 2022

Alberta fed cattle prices were quoted at $164-$165 f.o.b. the feedlot during the third week of June, up from the range $158-$162 during the second week of May. The market has been quite firm due to tighter supplies of market-ready cattle on both sides of the border. At the same time, the reopening of economies […] Read more

Calf heat stress recommendations are similar to those used to combat heat stress in a lactation barn.

‘Extra’ water key to reducing heat stress in calves

Dairy Corner: Keeping them hydrated is part of proper management when temperatures rise

Heat stress starts to harm dairy calves even at about 22 C with a relative humidity of at least 60 per cent. At this humidex level, I have seen many calves become restless, reduce feed intake, and significantly increase water consumption. As temperatures rise (coupled with more humidity), most sooner or later breathe rapidly and […] Read more

A new fence was built across summer pasture, to better manage cattle with rest/rotational grazing.

Eppich: Seeding and foaling begin

Early April found us cleaning seed. Gregory had the cleaning plant running all day and was able to work on projects around the yard but always had to be close by to make sure everything was working properly and doing a good job. On April 24 we put tin on the roof of Gregory’s grandmother’s […] Read more

Halter training begins when foals are just a few days old.

Horse-breeding program an unplanned opportunity

Quiet bloodlines produce animals that are easy to handle Editor’s Note: Cattleman’s Corner columnist Heather Eppich and her husband Gregory, who run a mixed farming operation near Handel, Sask., explain how they also got into the horse breeding business. In August 2017, Gregory and I had an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up. Like […] Read more

Cattle oilers are effective for controlling parasites, but only use insecticide for a limited time during the season — long enough to control the pest, but short enough to reduce risk of insecticide resistance.

Timing is key for effective use of cattle oilers

Animal Health with Roy Lewis: There is a recommended window for when control products should be used

In light of the ever-increasing issues with lice and flies affecting production in our beef herds on summer pasture, it’s a good time to review cattle oiler pros and cons and suggest a bit on maintenance and a few tips for better utilization of oilers in the battle against these two underestimated parasites. Cattle oilers […] Read more

As pastures dry out and forage quality drops, lick tubs are one way to provide cattle with protein and energy.

Lick tubs one way to supplement poorer pastures

It doesn't take much loss in body condition to affect conception rates

A good illustration for this column is a photo I recently took of a dried-out and brown cow pasture. And, if much of the southern Prairies doesn’t get rain soon, many good pastures will start to look like this, which may be detrimental to this year’s breeding season. To lessen its impact, producers should implement […] Read more

(Photo courtesy Canada Beef Inc.)

Stronger fed cattle prices support feeder market

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: It’s good to see a return to renewed optimism in the cattle complex

During the week ending May 8, Alberta fed cattle prices were quoted in the range of $158 to $162, up $8 to $10 from 30 days earlier. Wholesale beef prices continue to percolate higher as the U.S. economy moves through a major expansionary phase. Rising consumer incomes and stronger consumer spending will result in a […] Read more

A proper vaccination program as calves head out to pasture can help reduce the risk of common respiratory diseases.

Vaccination one tool to curb ‘summer pneumonia’ in calves

It’s important to keep calf immunity strong from birth to weaning

When young nursing calves become sick on pasture, the term “summer pneumonia” is often used to describe their situation. Technically, it’s a misnomer, says Russ Daly, extension veterinarian at South Dakota State University. Calf producers typically refer to it this way, as it happens on pasture matching up with summer in North America, as opposed […] Read more