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Farmers could benefit financially from this trend

Farmers could benefit financially from this trend

Farm Financial Planner: Urban dwellers pay high prices for small land parcels

There is a trend for city folk to buy country property to get away from the COVID-19 virus, city lockdowns and everything else associated with the world pandemic. It’s a pattern of outmigration from densely populated cities. Farmers are potential beneficiaries. They can sell small parcels at relatively high prices. I have found city folk […] Read more

First, I did not ride the coattails of hot spec stocks like Tesla or EHang. While this portfolio has companies with stronger growth profiles than the TSP, they are not speculative.... Second, as an investor rather than a trader, I did not regularly buy and sell.

How I doubled my money in less than four years

Not quite as good as my son’s spec foray, but it was the whole portfolio — not one stock

How many investment avenues provide the opportunity to double your money in four years? Using the rule of 72, an 18 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) can quickly be calculated. Lots of fun, with lots of exciting twists and turns including the 2018 mini-bear market and the COVID plunge of 2020. The Titanium […] Read more

I bioassayed soil in January from a field treated twice with the herbicide tribenuron-methyl in 2020 to determine if the field was suitable for a canola crop this year. It was not — the potted field soil fried the canola seedlings, which is shown in the photo at bottom. The photo at top is the check. I recommended the farmer stay with wheat this year on this quarter.

Herbicides and bioassays

A dry fall followed by a dry spring may leave much higher levels of residual herbicides

When you use a soil-persistent herbicide, there are many factors you must consider very seriously. The first thing you have to do is read the label that comes with the herbicide. It will tell you how to mix and apply, water source, what weeds are controlled and so on. Read it very carefully. Of course, […] Read more

They are probably not making any CWB magnets anymore. Grab yours before they’re all gone.

A serious start on removing clutter

Aside from the CWB magnets, the next generation is probably taking it all to the dump anyway

A very important lesson and take-home message this month — don’t be afraid to throw away stuff you don’t need. Be ruthless. I am just thankful I don’t own a farm or even an acreage. After doing a pretty serious cleaning of my garage and basement earlier this spring and throwing out stuff (bordering on, […] Read more

Use a pilot vehicle to keep safe on the roads

Use a pilot vehicle to keep safe on the roads

A pilot vehicle can save a lot of frustration for both motorists and agricultural machinery operators. A pilot vehicle can help prevent collisions and injuries and damage to vehicles, farm machinery and road infrastructure.  There are plenty of factors that lead to collisions between agricultural machinery and motorists. Some are unique to large machinery and […] Read more