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It takes a bit of time to understand the supply and demand influences 
on fed cattle.

Back to Economics 101 for feeder cattle

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: Look for key market numbers that help determine prices

I receive many inquiries about the cattle market throughout the year, and in many cases, I realize the producer does not have a good handle on the fundamentals for beef or cattle. Supply-and-demand projections appear to be a foreign subject for many. For example, I’ve received many calls asking why the cattle price has to […] Read more

Larger beef production weighs on cattle prices

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: More head and heavier cattle heading to packing plant

During the first week of February Alberta packers were buying fed cattle in the range of $157 to $159 delivered, which was down from early-January highs of $165 to $168. U.S. first-quarter beef production is coming in larger than expected. The U.S. weekly slaughter has been six to seven per cent above year-ago levels. In […] Read more

Analyzing the cattle-on-feed reports

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: What looks like bearish news is sometimes the opposite

The Alberta and Saskatchewan cattle-on-feed reports can provide valuable information for cow-calf producers and backgrounding operators. Finishing feedlots often pay attention to the main numbers in the cattle-on-feed reports but fail to look at fine details such as the feeder cattle placements by weight category. In some cases, media reports suggest the report is bearish […] Read more