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Little improvement in early October weather

The Eppich News: Moving some cattle, and trying not to share too much barley with the geese

There was no combining the end of September. Instead we worked on fencing projects and started hauling some of our bales home. Sept. 28: We brought all of our Landis ditch bales home. It’s nice to have them at home instead of in a snow-filled ditch 20 miles away. Sept. 29: We skinned two of […] Read more

Haying wrapped up, harvest begins

The Eppich News: Rain interruption provided opportunity to check cattle

August turned out to be a warm, dry, smoky month. While Gregory finished the swathing, I worked on baling. The fields were too rough to take Joseph along in the baler, so he had to spend most of the time with Grandma and Grandpa. In the end, all the scrambling looks like it’s going to […] Read more

Ease new cattle into the herd

Give cows time and space to sort out pecking order

Cows can be very aggressive, especially when establishing a pecking order, so you need to watch how new and especially pregnant animals are integrated into an established herd. Two cows fighting can result in a cow losing the calf because of the direct hits to the belly by the other cow’s head; a cow slipping […] Read more