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vegetable garden calculator app

The Vegetable Garden Calculator

Tired of growing too much zucchini? Try this app to get the right garden mix

If you were like me growing up, most of us had a large garden that provided produce for the family not only during the summer but through most of the winter as well. Times seem to have changed. Garden plots have shrunk in size because of either lack of room or lack of time. If […] Read more

The Agfinity Grain Calculator

The Agfinity Grain Calculator

Put this handy free app on your smartphone to convert grain prices in a hurry

Gone are the days of carrying around pocketbooks from the elevator with the conversion charts in the back of them for different crop weights and tonnages. Our smartphones have replaced almost everything to do with calculators or daily calculations. That’s why I was pleased to see the Agfinity Grain Calculator — an app that will do […] Read more


Monsanto weed ID app

Monsanto’s new app helps you identify a new 
weed in your field, and also show it on a map 

All day, every day we are bombarded with information, most of which can be critical to our operations. Many days it’s difficult to absorb all of these tidbits of gold, let alone recall them on demand. Monsanto has released a weed ID app that can ease your mental strain. Not only is it a weed […] Read more

Air Cart maximizer

Beyond Agronomy’s new Air Cart Maximizer app

Though it is still winter, thoughts are starting to turn to springtime and seeding. Soil tests are being analyzed and fertilizer is being bought for acres that are pencilled in. This always brings up the question of how to get the most out of your air cart. If you can reduce your day by one […] Read more

Field Tracker Pro app displayed on an iPad.

Field Tracker Pro app

This field tracking app from Farmer-Apps Inc. is easy to use 
and allows you to track field operations from the tractor cab

We all know field tracking over multiple years is becoming the norm in agriculture due to rental agreement requirements or just for troubleshooting when things go wrong. I know it gives me piece of mind during the year to know I can look back into my records and be able to access information about the field activities […] Read more

Using the Prairie Locator

Here’s an app that will help you find directions to a land location and show you the satellite image

Have you ever agreed to do some custom work for a neighbour or friend, but they didn’t have time to show you the exact field? The Prairie Locator app can help you with this problem if you’re in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. With this app you can search multiple land locations to get the latitude, […] Read more

Dow Field Guide 2013

With the popularity of handheld technologies and especially the influx of Apple products, companies are starting to realize the benefits of having their product guides in digital form so farmers can carry them around with them at all times. Apps like this give farmers the benefit of easy access to a lot of information. They […] Read more

AppQuest: AGRIplot

Agriplot is a neat little app that allows you to mark points on a virtual map and then calculate the acreage inside that plotted area. You can also measure the distance between these two points. These plots can then be emailed whoever might need this information. To start a new plot you can either search […] Read more

AppQuest: Fertilizer calculator

When you’re on the go during the seeding season or even sitting in your office during the winter planning for the upcoming year, it’s nice to have a fertilizer calculator to help you make more efficient seeding decisions. The app starts out with either editing a current blend or adding a new blend to your […] Read more

Appquest: iScoutCrops

Field scouting is always an important part of every successful crop year. But sometimes remembering though what is going on in each field can be a challenge when spread over many acres and kilometers. iScoutCrops can help you with that by remembering all your important field information for you. With this app you can field […] Read more