Simpler regulations for hemp growers

Life for farmers planting hemp will be littler simpler in 2017, thanks to regulatory changes

Hemp growers must obtain a licence from Health Canada each year to grow industrial hemp, but recent changes to the regulations have made the process slightly easier and more efficient. As of November 21, 2016 growers can apply for their industrial hemp cultivation licence electronically via email, which will speed up the process. A common […] Read more

Hemp gives grower highest returns

For this Manitoba farmer, hemp is an experiment that’s turned into a profitable option

Kevin Krueger has been growing hemp for three years on his farm, six-and-a-half miles south of Thornhill in south-central Manitoba. The first year he grew 70 acres, the second 25 acres and 30 acres this year. “I’ve called it an experiment every year,” says Krueger. “The experiments are starting to work so next year, I’m […] Read more

hemp crop

Growing demand means more hemp acres

As the hemp industry grows and matures, quality and consistency is critical for sales

As the Canadian hemp industry continues to expand and mature, the demand for hemp foods, not just in North America, but worldwide, is fueling more hemp acres across Manitoba and other areas of Western Canada, and is providing good economic returns for growers. “The returns per acre on hemp are better than just about any […] Read more

Concept of making money agriculture

Farmers like grower rebate programs

Everyone likes a little free cash from those input rebates. But is it really free?

Grower programs offer cash rebates or other rewards against purchases of crop inputs such as seed and chemicals. How much producers receive back usually depends on how much product and, in some cases, the combination of products they buy from a specific company. Some could argue that in essence, the farmer has already paid for […] Read more

goss's wilt

Goss’s wilt: An up-and-coming corn disease

It might be time to consider seeding corn varieties with resistance to Goss’s wilt

With plenty of summer storms bringing high winds and hail to the Prairies this summer, there has been more Goss’s wilt showing up in Manitoba fields. A visual survey of 142 corn fields across Manitoba in August and September identified Goss’s wilt in 56 of them. The inoculum for Goss’s wilt is present most years […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers Atlantic: Andrew and Jennifer Lovell

Marketing is key for Andrew and Jennifer Lovell’s orchard operation

Andrew and Jennifer Lovell have a flair for marketing, and it’s helped them diversify and grow their first generation farm at Keswick Bridge, N.B. And it also helped them achieve the title of 2016 Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) for the Atlantic Region. The Lovells own and operate River View Orchards, which includes a U-pick operation for apples, […] Read more

What’s affecting land rental rates

The farmland rental market can respond to a lot of different market factors

When the value of land goes up it tends to affect land rental prices too, but it’s not the only factor that has seen land rents increase over the past few years — in some areas quite dramatically. Productivity of the land is also hugely important, as is the amount of competition for land in […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers Manitoba: Jason and Laura Kehler

A willingness to experiment brings success for Jason and Laura Kehler

Jason and Laura Kehler aren’t afraid to face new challenges and adopt innovative ideas, and that’s helped them earn the title of Manitoba’s 2016 Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF). They grow four varieties of processing potatoes, seed soybeans, corn, canola, wheat, oats, soybeans and edible beans on the 5,600 acres near Carman that makes up Kehler […] Read more

Canola farmlands in rural Central West of NSW at sunset, the last rays spread their warm light on the golden canola flowers. Panorama

Calculating land rental costs

Renting might be the right choice for your farm. But how much should you pay?

Calculating how much you can afford to pay for rented land takes a certain amount of work, and there may even be some cost involved if you bring in advisors to help, but it may help mitigate some of your risk and prevent you from biting off more than you can chew. There are various […] Read more

CTF benefits soil over time

Fencerow farming system increases corn yield and changes farmers’ soil biology

Fifteen years ago, when the bin-full alarm went off on Dean Glenney’s combine as he harvested his corn crop near Dunnville, Ontario, he had no idea what was going on, and he certainly didn’t expect the record yield of 236 bushels per acre he pulled off the field that season. Since then his yields have […] Read more