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The new Kuhn 301 hay merger is designed to work with mower conditioners that have nine- to 18-foot working widths.

New hay mergers from Kuhn

The 01 series models are available in working widths up to 42 feet

Packing as much material as possible into a baler in the shortest amount of time helps maximize the feed quality of bales that come out the back end of it. When balers pound away at hay inside their chambers, leaf material is lost — and that is the best part of the feed. Merging swaths […] Read more

This combine caught fire on the LeBlanc farm near Estevan, Sask., during harvest last September. Gracie LeBlanc, who was harvesting canola at the time, was able to safely exit the cab before it was engulfed in flames.

Don’t let your combine go up in smoke

Blaze a trail on combine safety on your farm with these fire prevention tips

Farmers are always thankful for good neighbours who won’t hesitate to help when you’re in trouble. Jason LeBlanc is certainly one. Last September, he had a huge scare when a combine driven by his teenaged daughter, Gracie, caught fire while she was harvesting canola at the family’s farm near Estevan, Sask. Gracie escaped the blaze […] Read more

Before settling on the Multifarmer, Reinhardt considered a variety of brands and types to maximize efficiency on his farm as well as use in a new custom baling venture.

Alberta producer wouldn’t do without his Multifarmer

One producer finds the telehandler a valuable addition to the farm

For David Reinhardt of Carstairs, Alta., deciding to ditch his 200-horsepower front-wheel assist tractor for a Merlo Multifarmer telehandler took a leap of faith. “We were very nervous about it when we bought our first one,” he says. “The price per horsepower is a little bit higher. Once we got it here and put it […] Read more

Merlo has introduced the 40.9 version of its hybrid Multifarmer telehandler with an 8.8 metre lift height. A 40 kilometre per hour road speed makes them ideal for pulling bale wagons.

Growing the telehandler market in Western Canada

Merlo looks to impress producers with newer, bigger 40.9 Multifarmer

Having spent a fair amount of time visiting farms in Europe, I can vouch for the fact the telehandler has become nearly as common as the regular ag tractor on farms there. Farmers, often cramped for space, value the material handling ability of these machines in everything from loading grain to stacking bales. And for […] Read more

Use a pilot vehicle to keep safe on the roads

Use a pilot vehicle to keep safe on the roads

A pilot vehicle can save a lot of frustration for both motorists and agricultural machinery operators. A pilot vehicle can help prevent collisions and injuries and damage to vehicles, farm machinery and road infrastructure.  There are plenty of factors that lead to collisions between agricultural machinery and motorists. Some are unique to large machinery and […] Read more

John Deere is offering some improvements on its 2022 model year lineup of air drills, including a new blockage detection system.

John Deere updates air seeder line

Blockage detection and other improvements for 2022

For model year 2022, expect to see a few enhanced features show up on John Deere air seeders compared with the previous year’s designs. But the most obvious difference will be new model numbering designations for the 1830 and 1835 model drills. They will now become the H500 series with the last two digits representing […] Read more

John Deere’s upgraded model year 2022 400 and 600 series sprayers offer a new lineup of features and options.

New sprayer lineup from John Deere

The 400 and 600 series models offer new features

In March, John Deere announced its medium- and large-chassis sprayer lines would see a host of changes for the 2022 model year, along with a new model numbering system that makes them now the 400R and 600R series. Like all of Deere’s newest powered machines, the sprayers will get significant upgrades in their digital capabilities, […] Read more

AGCO’s Fendt brand has entered into a long-term partnership with Geringhoff. Germany-based Geringhoff is a combine header manufacturer, which builds a wide range of models, including flex draper headers, corn pickers and headers for specialty crops.

Geringhoff partners with AGCO

Last December, AGCO’s Fendt brand announced it had entered into a “long-term partnership” with Geringhoff, a combine header manufacturer based in the Westphalia region of Germany. Geringhoff builds a pretty wide range of models, including flex draper headers, corn pickers and headers for specialty crops. Geringhoff’s offerings also include the Harvest Star Vario, which features […] Read more

John Deere’s See and Spray Select option activates an individual spray nozzle only when boom cameras detect a green, growing weed below it.

Deere launches new See and Spray Select technology

Automated spot-spray option can reduce herbicide use

It’s no surprise to farmers that herbicide use in agriculture has come under increased scrutiny by the general public in recent years. In some countries, glyphosate may soon be banned entirely, which will cause significant adjustments to cropping practices. And even in those regions where there isn’t yet a risk of losing glyphosate, weed resistance […] Read more

The display area of Agritechnica has seen some of the most unusual and entertaining machinery displays of any farm show in the world.

Agritechnica postponed until early 2022

Major international show delays November event

Any long-time reader of Grainews has almost certainly read about what we’ve seen when walking the aisles at Agritechnica, the world’s largest and arguably most important ag equipment show. It’s held every second November in Hannover, Germany. And Grainews has been there regularly since the 2009 event. The next show was scheduled for this upcoming […] Read more