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VIDEO: Xarvio aims to shoot weeds by camera, then a targeted herbicide application

Technology wins innovation award in Plant and Soil Science category at Ag in Motion 2019

Brent Nicol of Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions describes how its scouting app uses photo-recognition to identify early-stage weeds, diseases and measure leaf damage using images taken with your smartphone. Xarvio is currently working with technology-maker Bosch to develop ‘Smart Sprayer’ technology that will allow operators to spray individual weeds on-the-go with a targeted herbicide application. […] Read more

VIDEO: A 3D view of the grain inside your bin to help prevent spoilage

Inventors' Showcase entrant at Manitoba Ag Days showcased serious technology to help spot spoilage before it occurs

Have you ever been sitting at home wondering what’s going on with the moisture content inside your grain bin? Well, wonder no more. Using spectral imaging technology – similar to that of an MRI or CT scan – GrainViz creates a 3D moisture map of the grain inside your bin that you can view via […] Read more

VIDEO: Full Bin Alarm wins Farm Safety Feature at Manitoba Ag Days

Invention lets producers on the ground know when their bin is full

Sound the alarm! You no longer need to climb to the top of your grain bin to find out when it’s full. That’s the idea behind Never Spill Spout’s Full Bin Alarm, the Farm Safety product winner at this year’s Manitoba Ag Days. The system uses a sensor inside of an auger spout to alert […] Read more

VIDEO: Driverless tractors and open-source software

Reimer Robotics takes first prize in Manitoba Ag Days Inventors' Showcase

Matthew Reimer was as surprised as anyone when he was awarded first prize for his driverless tractor system at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon on Jan. 20, but his invention is worthy of the title. The Inventors’ Showcase winner, and president of Reimer Robotics, has built a system to move tractors – driverless no less, with […] Read more

VIDEO: “Old soil-applied” solutions to fight herbicide resistance

Crop Diagnostic School: Know your target weed issues... and your problem weeds of the past

To help keep herbicide-resistant weeds at bay, some older soil-applied products are rejoining the fight. At the 2015 Crop Diagnostic School, Jeanette Gaultier, pesticide use specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, talks about which herbicide-resistant weeds producers should watch for and what they need to consider before choosing a herbicide for their situation.

VIDEO: The best time to spray canola with a sclerotinia fungicide

Crop Diagnostic School: Here's a tip. It's a good sign if your pants get wet when walking through the field

Assessing your canola crop during the flowering stage is essential to discover if sclerotinia is present and if a fungicide can be of benefit. In this video from the 2015 Crop Diagnostic School, Anastasia Kubinec of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD), talks about the risk factors for the fungal disease and offers tips for canola […] Read more