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Manitoba to open more Crown lands to haying, grazing

Province now taking requests for permits

Manitoba livestock producers up against dry conditions can now apply for temporary passes to get onto Crown land not normally designated for grazing or haying. The province announced Friday it will make such lands available this year for agricultural use “under certain circumstances.” Permits and land uses will be handled through the Agricultural Crown Lands […] Read more

Getting the most from your wheat crop

Count the heads, grow a uniform crop, and manage residue for best results

While we’re still changing our seeding rate approach from bushels per acre to thousand kernel weight, Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies, has moved on to thinking about heads per square yard. An agronomist originally from Britain and now based in Kentucky, Needham has made a name for himself advising farmers on how to increase […] Read more

Tillage for better crop establishment

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. Can tillage help with better crop establishment or fertility management? A: Crop establishment can be impacted by soil moisture and temperature, especially in areas where more warm-season crops such as soybeans and corn are grown. High soil residue levels act as an insulating layer to the soil and reduce the rate of soil temperature […] Read more

Water Use Efficiency (WUE) and your crop

Q & A with CPS

Q: While we have little control over available moisture for crop production, how can it impact the final result? What is meant by the term “Water Use Efficiency (WUE)?” A: When we consider inputs that are essential for crop growth we tend to think of fertility. However, there is one ingredient that every single cropping […] Read more

Straw choppers must be matched to the header width of a combine. If a chopper can’t spread the full width of the header, residue distribution across the field will be uneven.

Three steps to even residue distribution

How to ensure you get the best performance from a combine straw chopper

It’s easy to forget about that straw chopper hanging off the back of a combine. So much discussion and effort these days seems to focus on getting material fed in at the front, that what happens to it when the combine coughs it out the rear often becomes little more than an afterthought. But the […] Read more

Manage residue to enhance no-till

Using vertical tillage tools with a no-till system can warm up the soil 
and unlock fertility in lower levels, increasing yield potential

No-till seeding has become a tried and true system of planting crops over a wide area of Canada and the U.S. No-till systems have evolved tremendously over the past 20 to 25 years and that evolution continues today. The next challenge will be to push beyond a yield plateau that many no-tillers have experienced in […] Read more