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A Grain Giant in operation in Richardson, Sask., in August 2020.

New mobile field bin makes harvest more efficient

The Grain Giant from Vale Industries keeps the combines and grain carts running

Jordan Haaland is the logistics team leader at Delage Farms, a 30,000-acre grain operation near Indian Head, Sask., and one of eight Saskatchewan farms to try out a new mobile field bin called the Grain Giant at harvest time last year. Haaland says the opportunity to use the Grain Giant couldn’t have come at a […] Read more

This combine caught fire on the LeBlanc farm near Estevan, Sask., during harvest last September. Gracie LeBlanc, who was harvesting canola at the time, was able to safely exit the cab before it was engulfed in flames.

Don’t let your combine go up in smoke

Blaze a trail on combine safety on your farm with these fire prevention tips

Farmers are always thankful for good neighbours who won’t hesitate to help when you’re in trouble. Jason LeBlanc is certainly one. Last September, he had a huge scare when a combine driven by his teenaged daughter, Gracie, caught fire while she was harvesting canola at the family’s farm near Estevan, Sask. Gracie escaped the blaze […] Read more

Big Canada thistle plants can spell trouble in the combine, especially when there are large patches of them.

Fall herbicide application timing in canola

To control perennial weeds in canola, there are benefits to both pre- and post-harvest control options — the deciding factor could be tied to your goals

When deciding between a pre-harvest or post-harvest spray application to control tough perennial weeds, there are always some key considerations for farmers. The extent of the weed problem and harvest timing are important ones, of course, but other factors such as herbicide cost and killing frost also play into the decision. To control a weed […] Read more

Alberta Ag found grain bag storage to be the most expensive of the options studied. However, it is a good solution for farmers who only need temporary storage.

Grain storage value comparison

An Alberta Ag report crunches the numbers to help you make bin buying decisions

As farms increase in size and average yields increase, farmers are considering adding new storage facilities or replacing older ones. There are a number of different options. Corrugated bins have long been a familiar sight on Prairie farms and represent the tried and true method, according to Ryan Furtas, a research economist with Alberta Agriculture […] Read more