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Applying economics to bull selection

Which of the EPD traits improve returns, reduce costs?

Editor’s note: The Beef Cattle Research Council has put together an excellent four-part blog series on bull selection. You can find the full series on their website at The following are among key points from part three, which looks at a bull’s EPDs and determining which are the most economically relevant traits (ERTs). The series points out that ERTs are just one […] Read more

Keep cow-calf pairs moving at calving

Separating newborns from older calves reduces scours risk

Editor’s Note: This is part of a feature blog article produced by the Beef Cattle Research Council on the value of developing a calving system that separates newborn cow-calf pairs from older calves to reduce the risk of disease spread. The concept is known as the Sandhill Calving system although there are variations on the theme. Doug Wray believes […] Read more

Bring calving pens to the pasture

It’s a good idea to give heifers lots of space when calving

Editor’s Note: What works for beef producers? The Beef Cattle Research Council has asked a few Canadian beef producers about changes, production practices or new technology they’ve made or use that make a difference in their day-to-day management. Good ideas can range from improving pasture watering systems and regularly testing winter feeds, to reducing costs […] Read more

Producers discuss value of good records

Herd Management: Which to cull, when to market, just some of questions answered

This is part one of three Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) articles on the value of keeping records for commercial beef herds. Parts two and three are available on the blog at There is also a good sidebar report on new record-keeping software and iPhone App (the Herdly App) available from the Canadian Cattleman’s […] Read more

Drought, high temperatures create prime conditions for anthrax

Two bison deaths in North Battleford confirmed as anthrax

With high temperatures and drought, cattle and bison are at a higher risk of anthrax. Two bison deaths northwest of North Battleford, Saskatchewan have recently been confirmed as caused by anthrax, and seven others are suspected. Producers are encouraged to keep a watchful eye and to refresh their memories on what to do when anthrax […] Read more