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Wild oat is showing significant herbicide resistance, says Saskatchewan’s provincial weed control specialist.

What weed experts say you should have your eye on in 2020

A province-by-province look at what you need to know about weeds this growing season

Three provincial weed specialists offer their insights on the weeds farmers may find in their fields this growing season and what can be done about them. Manitoba Tammy Jones, a Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist, lists redroot pigweed, lamb’s quarters and green and yellow foxtail as the biggest weed threats this year. Winter annuals like stinkweed […] Read more


Watch for expansion of waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and kochia in 2020

Serious weed threats continue to advance and grow, farmers urged to test for resistance

For growers in Manitoba, waterhemp is a serious threat in 2020, reports Tammy Jones, a Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist. This weed was present last year in both eastern and central Manitoba, and Jones’ “biggest fear” is that more will be found in the province this year. And, as reported by Canola Council of Canada (CCC), […] Read more

A waterhemp infestation can reduce soybean yields by 40 to 95 per cent.

War on weeds, take no prisoners

Hart Attacks: It will take money and commitment to just to hold enemy line

A recent issue of the Manitoba’s provincial farm newspaper, the Manitoba Co-operator, carried some depressing news. The province might be losing the war on herbicide resistant weeds; reports from the U.S. say despite some kind of trade deal with China, U.S. farmers figure they will need more than a $25 billion bailout in 2020 — […] Read more

The white thistles at the roadside and in the field near Edmonton in 2019 will either be severely weakened or they will die since they have no chlorophyll.

Bleached tops means bye-bye Canada thistle

Take a look in the ditches near you. A fungus may be infecting those weeds

Canada thistle is an invasive import from Europe. It is technically called Circium arvense, a prickly member of the Aster family. In the U.K., it’s called creeping thistle; in New Zealand it’s called Californian thistle, perhaps derived from Canada thistle. Canada thistle is also known in North America by a range of other names but […] Read more

Does the early weed controller always get the worm?

Does the early weed controller always get the worm?

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: Is early weed control always a solid tactic? A. It’s been well established that competition from early-emerging weeds is most detrimental to crop development. Weeds emerging along with the crop compete for moisture, fertility and light before the crop has a chance to get the upper hand by developing its root system and getting […] Read more

Volunteer canola is increasing its presence in recent weed surveys.

Managing Saskatchewan’s toughest weeds

You’ve seen these weeds before, and you’ll probably see them again

No matter which crops Saskatchewan farmers grow, the same weeds appear year after year. While the culprits are consistent, how you manage them is not, especially as herbicide resistance cases mount. For nearly 50 years, Canada thistle, wild oats, wild buckwheat and green foxtail have appeared in the top-five list of problematic weeds in Saskatchewan. […] Read more

Weed specialist Clark Brenzil says that ideally wild buckwheat should be controlled at the four-leaf stage or smaller.

Wild buckwheat: A weed to watch

Glyphosate alone is just not enough. 
Why is buckwheat so hard to control?

Wild buckwheat consistently ranks among the top five problematic weeds in Saskatchewan weed surveys. Clark Brenzil, provincial weed control specialist at Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture, explains what makes this weed so tricky. Wild buckwheat is an annual weed found in cropland in the southern Prairies. Despite farmers’ best efforts, the weed is hardy and persistent […] Read more

Choosing that pre-seed herbicide

Choosing that pre-seed herbicide

Q & A with CPS

Q: What are some considerations when selecting a pre-seed herbicide application? A: There are significant benefits to applying herbicides prior to seeding or crop emergence. Pre-seed weed removal reduces competition for valuable moisture and nutrients required for seedling development. When selecting pre-seed herbicides, begin with the crop to be grown. Products available vary considerably by […] Read more

Because it’s a new weed, probably the first thing growers will notice is stray weeds sitting above the crop canopy.

Managing herbicide-resistant waterhemp in Manitoba

The weed’s movement into Manitoba calls for more vigilant field scouting

Waterhemp was found for the first time in Manitoba in 2016, southeast of Winnipeg in the area around the RM of Taché. The discovery led to the establishment of a waterhemp surveillance program led by Manitoba Agriculture in 2017. More waterhemp was found at a second site closer to the U.S. border. In both circumstances, […] Read more