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Up against some resistance? These tips below could help reduce the chances of your fields becoming a haven for hard-to-eliminate weeds.

Eight ways to boost your herbicide resistance prevention strategy

The latest information and improvements to management systems

It’s a dire situation that the number of herbicide groups various weeds are resistant to continues to grow across the Prairies; however, farmers should take heart as there are many actions they can take to protect their fields this year and for years to come. It’s about managing weeds to reduce reliance on, and enhance […] Read more

How to maximize the efficacy of your crop protection products

For starters, ensure you have adequate water quality

No farmers want to unintentionally alter the efficacy of their crop protection products because of water quality pumped into the tank. However, farmers may do just that if they do not have their farm water source tested every year and take the appropriate actions based on the results of those tests. There are several factors […] Read more

It’s not very common a pH adjustor would need to be added to a product where there was not a recommendation on the label to do so, says Rory Cranston.

What to do and what not to do when using adjuvants

How to get the most out of your crop protection products

Most pesticide labels include a section indicating what type of adjuvants will help you get the most out of your crop protection applications. These labels feature language such as “required,” “recommended” or “can be used” to help you understand which adjuvants are essential to your mix and which ones are optional. But it’s not as […] Read more

Wild oat is showing significant herbicide resistance, says Saskatchewan’s provincial weed control specialist.

What weed experts say you should have your eye on in 2020

A province-by-province look at what you need to know about weeds this growing season

Three provincial weed specialists offer their insights on the weeds farmers may find in their fields this growing season and what can be done about them. Manitoba Tammy Jones, a Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist, lists redroot pigweed, lamb’s quarters and green and yellow foxtail as the biggest weed threats this year. Winter annuals like stinkweed […] Read more

What to do about volunteer canola in 2020 after “harvest from hell”

Here are some management steps to control this weed in your fields

Volunteer canola is a significant weed across the Prairies, and given the difficulties with the 2019 harvest, it will likely be a larger issue in the spring of 2020, says Ian Epp, Canola Council of Canada (CCC) agronomy specialist for northwest Saskatchewan. “Fields with overwintering canola or canola that came off late in harvest will […] Read more


Watch for expansion of waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and kochia in 2020

Serious weed threats continue to advance and grow, farmers urged to test for resistance

For growers in Manitoba, waterhemp is a serious threat in 2020, reports Tammy Jones, a Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist. This weed was present last year in both eastern and central Manitoba, and Jones’ “biggest fear” is that more will be found in the province this year. And, as reported by Canola Council of Canada (CCC), […] Read more

The Seed Terminator.

Chaff management and mechanical weed control move into the limelight

Equipment available at home and abroad to destroy weeds and weed seed

[UPDATED: May 28, 2020] As resistance to our current herbicide options continues to increase each year, mechanical methods of weed control are moving into the spotlight. The management of weeds being spread by chaff via the combine is gaining attention, and interest is growing in mechanical weed seed impact mills — one of which is […] Read more

Saskatchewan farmers Josh and Jeannie Lade, along with partners, John, Janice, Rayden and Jenn Wiebe, imported two Seed Terminators from Australia to use on the 16,000 acres they farm.

The pros, cons and costs of owning a weed seed smasher

Josh Lade discusses his Seed Terminator and other weed seed-destroying equipment

Along with a growing number of others in Canada, Josh Lade would like his fellow farmers to consider mechanical harvest weed seed control to battle the growing number of herbicide-resistant weeds. With his wife, Jeannie, Lade grows cereals, pulse crops and oilseeds on about 16,000 acres in Osler, Sask., in partnership with John, Janice, Rayden […] Read more

Five ways to up your grain marketing

You know the basics of grain marketing and you have scored some solid wins. Now you’re looking for achievable ways to grow your confidence in your marketing and to improve your overall pricing percentage. Country Guide approached some of Canada’s leading experts for guidance about how you can best chart your course to the next […] Read more

Pea Leaf Weevil 2017.

Alberta insect forecasts for 2018

Alberta’s three new pest maps can help you choose your seed varieties for 2018

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has added its latest 2018 insect population forecast maps to its website. “We usually post two forecast maps in December for wheat pests — wheat midge and wheat stem saw fly — so that growers can make appropriate variety decisions,” says Scott Meers, insect management specialist in Alberta Ag’s Pest Surveillance […] Read more