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Knowing the score

A few months ago I was sitting in a classroom discussing the value of exam scores. One of the questions posed was, is it important for students, either those in adult learning situations or kids in school, to focus on getting good grades, or is there a better way to evaluate progress? The opinions, as […] Read more

Steeling for higher prices

John Deere, the brand that owns the lion’s share of the farm equipment business in North America, announced recently it had a pretty good start to 2018. In fact, it estimates its net sales and revenue for the year will jump by a whopping 26 percent over last year. Whether that prediction holds may soon […] Read more

The pace of change

This week I was sitting in the cab of a 10-year-old old Class 8 truck equipped with an auto-shift transmission. After attempting to back up the truck and finesse it into position, the person behind the wheel commented that particular automatic transmission made the kind of slow manoeuvre he was attempting difficult. The transmission just […] Read more

No sour grapes here

In my blog last week, I talked about an ag equipment-related competition taking place in Finland amid the snow and cold weather. AGCO’s Valta tractor brand held the event, which brought together drivers from all over Europe to try their hand at, well, racing tractors on ice. And as I mentioned, I think we Canadians […] Read more

Gentlemen, start your engines

This year, according to Environment Canada, Edmonton has set a record for the longest continuous stretch of days with the temperature falling below freezing, almost 170 of them. And this week the forecast calls for more snow and winter-like weather there. Most of the country has seen these crazy low temperatures for months on end, […] Read more

Competing with a big dog

Last year I test-drove a couple of new Steigers at a Case IH media event in Iowa. The brand was officially pulling the wraps off of the newest versions of their high-horsepower machines, which use a CVT transmission. That was just a few weeks ahead of their official public debut. And we machinery editors had […] Read more

Putting it to the test

If you read my blog entry of a few weeks ago, you’ll be aware I recently enrolled in a driving school to finally get my Class One driver’s licence. This past week that long-time goal of having a “1” written in the classification box on my wallet card finally came to fruition. I’m now legally […] Read more

A taxing time

A few days ago, an article appeared in one of the financial publications, which quoted Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor known as “The Oracle”. Think long term and don’t follow the ups and downs of market trends more closely than necessary were his reported comments. In other words, keep calm and carry on. That was […] Read more

Time to sign on the DOTted line?

In the past month or so, it seems there have been no end of public guestimations from pundits about when North American roads will be taken over by autonomous cars and trucks. Of course the estimates vary wildly. I’ve seen opinions ranging anywhere from next week to never. And while all that broader discussion is […] Read more

Virtual machinery shows

One of the things I constantly hear from equipment brand representatives is that for them to have a presence at the numerous farm equipment shows across North America, the associated costs chew up a lot of their annual marketing budget. That topic came to the fore at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina a couple […] Read more