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Eastbound and down

When I sat down to write my blog entry this week, I started into a serious discussion of the major topics affecting farmers lately: the China syndrome, inaccurate press coverage of key ag topics in some non-farm publications—due to a significant lack of understanding of the issues by those reporters covering them—and so on.

Then I thought, all the other contributors and writers at Grainews have got that aspect of things fairly well covered, so there’s really no need for me to harp on it. After all, I’m the machinery guy. And it’s debateable whether anyone takes me seriously on those subjects anyway. So my mind wandered to the other important thing I experienced this week: having a chance to run a big diesel engine again while listening to some great music.

If you really are a gear head, you’ll appreciate the value in that. If not, you won’t understand it.

On the farm, I had a yard full of machinery just waiting to burn diesel fuel at my command. So when I’d had enough of the office, I could just wander outside and get into the cab of a machine and let a big diesel engine serenade me. I always thought that was such a refreshing experience, and I began referring to it as diesel therapy.

However, since selling the farm, I haven’t had many extended sessions with Dr. Cummins or Dr. Deere. This past weekend, though, I had a chance to get behind the wheel of a late-model 586 Peterbilt and get it out on the highway to stretch its legs on a six-hour-or-so run to Regina and back again.

With the open four-lane highway ahead, a light load and the sound of a big Cummins under the hood, only one thing more was required: some great tunes. Fortunately, I thought ahead and took some CDs with me. With Jerry Reed’s “East-bound and down” playing and the white line rolling by, once again the chance to get out of the office and have a date with a big diesel has felt like a refreshing break from editor’s work.

The summer show and product launch season is just getting under way, though. And most of my travel from here on in will be in a commercial jet, which has become my least favourite method of getting around. On those trips it’s what’s at the end of the flight that holds the appeal. Tomorrow, I’m off to Minnesota to attend an AGCO product launch at their Jackson factory. That’s a venue I’ve visited a few times since its expansion.

The Jackson trip will prevent me from getting to Regina for Canada’s Farm Progress Show, but I’ll be in Saskatoon next month for Ag in Motion. In August I’m off to Iowa for a John Deere event, then there is Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show shortly after that.

Without a doubt the biggest adventure on my schedule for the rest of this year will be heading across the Atlantic to Agritechnica. That show runs every second year and this will be my sixth consecutive attendance at it since 2009.

There will certainly be other unplanned side trips mixed in there as well.

The result of travelling all those air miles will be a lot of content for the magazine. So, keep your eye on the upcoming issues of Grainews as we publish the articles created from all these trips. They’ll keep you up to speed on what’s new in the ag equipment world.

I only hope I can get a chance to squeeze in another session or two of diesel therapy somewhere between all those airport visits.



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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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