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Mid-life crisis?

I think the 1970s deserved the title of “decade of the truck”. (Take my word for it. I was there!) For starters, there was the CB radio craze, which even developed its own language. And there must have been a semi-trailer truck incorporated into the plot of a TV show, at least once per evening. […] Read more

Right to repair

Every car and light truck built since the 1996 model year comes with an OBD II (on-board diagnostics) plug-in port, which allows any mechanic to communicate with the on-board ECM. That’s the computer that controls the engine operating parameters. If there’s a problem, just plug in one of those OBD II (II because it’s the […] Read more

Form or function?

As a prairie farm kid in the ‘70s, there were times when my brother and I had had enough of “The Tommy Hunter Show” and “Sing-along Jubilee” and wanted to get a look at some different TV shows. (Not that they were bad shows, but you know what I mean. We were kids.) To try […] Read more

The century year

There was probably some cake in the lunchrooms during the afternoon break at Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan, plant and offices on July 27th last year. (Well, I’m guessing there was.) Why? Because that day marked the 100th anniversary of Ford truck production. A red letter day for the brand to be sure. To meet demand for […] Read more

Farm long and prosper

David Yee, vice president of operations at PAMI (the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute), titled his presentation to an audience at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon on Wednesday referencing two iconic names: “Star Wars and Star Trek, How Precision Ag May Land in the Farm of the Future”. He believes the high-tech fantasy realities in those […] Read more

A new look at old tractors

At the 2013 edition of Agritechnica (the massive machinery show) in Germany, there was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the diesel engine. Of course Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, hailed from that part of the world, so it isn’t surprising that country would honour his invention. But the intent behind the […] Read more

Resolving to be creative

With Christmas behind us and a new—and so far very cold—new year ahead, what resolutions have you made that you’ll now have to follow through on? If you’re like me, New years resolutions tend be forgotten very soon. But the truth is the New Year is a good time to sit down and seriously think […] Read more

A blue (or red) Christmas

This month two prairie farm families had reason to repeat some infamous lines spoken by the Grinch: “It came without wrapping. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags.” The “it” is the use of a whole new line of farm equipment for next season, compliments of the Rocky Mountain Equipment dealership […] Read more

Almost the last chance to shop

As I write this, there are pitifully few shopping days left until the big day. Christmas, I mean. That’s a big problem for procrastinators, like me. If you haven’t ticked off everyone on your need-to-buy-gifts-for list (I don’t mean it that way) you’ll need to get cracking. So I should probably cut out of here […] Read more

The tricky world of international trade

At the 2015 Agritechnica show in Hanover Germany there were a lot of equipment brands from developing nations on display. Their spokespersons made no secret of the fact that they then saw the entire globe as a potential marketplace for their machines, and they were getting ready to try taking the world by storm—at least […] Read more