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Ag In Motion rolling for 2018

Boy, did I get my Ag In Motion yesterday. Day 1 of the fourth annual farm show near Langham, Sask and it was hot. Like 34 degrees. I’m not really a 34 degree person, but I toughed it out. Part of the day I was on volunteer duty that involved crowd control at the tillage […] Read more

Are grain and grass growers ready for new way of thinking?

Do you want to grow grains and oilseeds, and/or hay and pasture without any or at least much-reduced input costs, yet maintain production and increase profitability? Well making that happen is a simple answer— get the soil healthy and get it working for you. That’s the overall message from the recent three-day Soil Health Academy school […] Read more

Quit fighting it and learn to work with Nature

It maybe far out thinking in an era dominated by new technology that promises to give control, define, push limits and make everything bigger, faster, stronger, and more efficient in life, but let’s see what earth worms and soil microbes – which have been around since the dawn of dirt- can do in improving crop […] Read more

I’m at the academy of learning (soil health)

I figured Manning, AB in Alberta’s Peace River region would be a good place to re-launch this blog that has been sitting dormant way too long. I arrived in Manning Wednesday afternoon –about 900 clicks north of Calgary — to attend the first-in-Canada Soil Health Academy School. (I’m sure I will be filled with so much […] Read more

A new regeneration

It wasn’t all that long ago a check of the oil pressure and temperature gauges was all you needed to determine if the big diesel in your machine was still running properly. Diesels have earned a reputation as sturdy workhorses over the decades. But since the introduction of stringent emissions regulations, the mandatory exhaust after-treatment […] Read more

Hitting the horsepower wall

Not all that many years ago, I remember reading a magazine editorial where the writer wondered aloud when we would hit the 500 horsepower mark in production farm tractors. Now, that milestone has long since been surpassed by a healthy margin, as peak horsepower offerings climb well above 600 in tractors from all the mainline […] Read more

In spite of it all

I don’t think I’ve heard the word “crazy” used as many times in my life during discussions of global affairs, particularly in matters of trade, as I have in the past two years. Even during the original Canada-U.S. free trade negotiations in the 1980s with all the hoopla and controversy that swirled around that, the […] Read more

Back at CFPS

It’s been a prairie farmer’s ritual that happens every June, heading to Evraz Place to take in Canada’s Farm Progress Show. And for us farm equipment writers, it’s more than that. It’s where we go to see what the Canadian short-line manufacturers have been up to in their R&D shops, so we can fill up […] Read more

Don’t go away mad…

Early on in the Trump Administration’s initial months, manufacturer associations seemed happy to work with some of the president’s “America first” policies. Getting excited about rebuilding U.S. infrastructure, like roads and bridges, was one of those areas they saw as good for all, including themselves. It’s hard to argue with the value of that aspect […] Read more

A new fortress of solitude

For anyone keeping tabs on the NAFTA negotiations and all the craziness surrounding North American trade this past week, I think there’s a real desire to stack sandbags high around the house and hunker down until sanity—or some semblance of it—once again dominates in international affairs. By the end of last week the U.S. Administration […] Read more