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Help! How do I get ready for seeding?

Q & A with an expert

Q: What’s your best advice for young farmers? A. My best advice is not about pest control or nutrient management, but to remember where we farm. Western Canadian farmers are not blessed with a long growing season. We grow crops with maturity that often barely fit between the bookends of the last spring and the […] Read more

Copper deficiencies can reduce wheat yields

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: How do I know if I have copper-deficient soils? A: Copper is the micronutrient most often found deficient in Western Canada. In a nutshell, copper deficiency is most often found in deep sandy soils and peat soils, and wheat is the most sensitive crop. Soil tests are a good tool to predict potential copper […] Read more

Fall quackgrass growth.

Pre- and post-harvest weed control

Q & A with CPS

Q: When should I start weed control for my crop? A: A weed-free crop at harvest represents the cumulative effort of field management during the season. To manage many weed species, the season begins the previous fall. Pre-harvest weed control tends to focus glyphosate application on perennial weeds such as quackgrass or Canada thistle. At […] Read more