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Is a trip to Australia in your future?

If so, here’s some helpful tips you’ll 
want to know about

Australia is a country that should be on every farmer’s bucket list to visit. Nowhere in the world can you find farming, (and farmers) that most imitate what we see in our own Prairie towns yet with a unique British flair. Getting ideas Careful planning and research will make for a safe, enjoyable and rewarding […] Read more

Charlie’s Lunch in Eastend, Sask., serves some of the crispest french fries I can recall and a tasty beef burger supplied by a local rancher.

There is always Eastend in April

You don't have to leave Canada for that early spring get-away

My daughter spent a week in Palm Springs this winter and my son just got back from a week in Hawaii. My get-away in early April? An overnighter in Eastend, Saskatchewan. I’m not being smart about this. It really was great to spend some time in Eastend. I’ve heard the community name often, but don’t believe I have […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: A Grainews reporter’s spring travels

From Griffin to Gimli, Lisa Guenther hit the highway to gather new information

In mid-April, I packed my car and headed south. At home, there was still enough snow to Ski-doo. For several hours I drove through intermittent garbage weather (snow in the north and sleet or rain in the south). For two days, I stayed with Leeann Minogue’s family near Griffin, Sask. While there I visited the […] Read more

Ruth Bitner encourages people to get out and explore Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan woman explores the province

Aim was to visit cities, towns, hamlets and ghost towns

Ruth Bitner has two large road maps of Saskatchewan attached to a bulletin board in her home. One is covered in pins — 961 of them, to be exact — each marking a city, town, village or hamlet she has visited. The other map has only about 60 pins — the communities she has yet to visit. […] Read more

The Commodity Classic

Toban is on his way and ready to tackle one of U.S.’s largest ag conferences

I’m on an airplane in which I cannot stand. It’s an express flight from Winnipeg to Calgary. I have the window seat — 17F. The 14-month-old in row 16 couldn’t be cuter and has made it his mission to rope me into a game of peek a boo. I indulged. The game briefly wrested my […] Read more