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Longer cultivation licenses, more exemptions and fewer third-party testing requirements will simplify business for hemp growers.

Rules ease up for growing hemp

Legal changes aren’t just for users; growers will also see fewer restrictions

The Cannabis Act is slated to take effect October 17th, legalizing recreational cannabis use in Canada. Those legislative changes will also remove many roadblocks to growing hemp and open up new market opportunities, say those in the industry. The new Act removes hemp from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, says Keith Jones, vice president […] Read more

Nothing wrong with these apples, but Ted asks the question: Did you experience a problem with apple fly maggots leaving tunnels and brownish mush inside any of your apples this year? Left unchecked this rampant pest can inflict severe damage. Today’s column provides food for thought and control suggestions.

Info on apple maggots and how to deter them

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares more reader requests

Thank you good people for your phone calls, emails, letters. I get them all. A great big hello to Herman Swab from up there at Andrew, Alberta. Herman asks on the phone: “When are you going to write that book?” Yours truly Ted replies: There are a lot of books and magazines about gardening out there, each […] Read more

Using wild edibles on our farm

Plants that are often regarded as ‘weeds’ can actually be beneficial

A few years ago we started to learn how to use more herbs and “weeds” around the farm. The one that totally surprised our family was purslane (Portulaca oleracea), or as we call it, wild portulaca. It is very invasive, so if left to grow it needs boundaries with border edging. It’s worth keeping around […] Read more

Simpler regulations for hemp growers

Life for farmers planting hemp will be littler simpler in 2017, thanks to regulatory changes

Hemp growers must obtain a licence from Health Canada each year to grow industrial hemp, but recent changes to the regulations have made the process slightly easier and more efficient. As of November 21, 2016 growers can apply for their industrial hemp cultivation licence electronically via email, which will speed up the process. A common […] Read more