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Reporter’s Notebook: Four questions to ask yourself

Before you get involved in an ugly social media argument, take time to think it through

When I look at the state of public discourse these days, the phrase that comes to mind is “dumpster fire.” My theory is that our society hasn’t had time to adapt to rapidly changing technology (i.e. social media). These days, anyone can tweet or post anything. Some of those opinions are insightful and worth exploring. […] Read more

Blooming rapeseed field at sunset

New phosphorus research for canola on the way

Canola removes more phosphorus from the ground than the recommended safe rate

*[UPDATED MAR. 19, 2018] Farmers face a fertilizer dilemma each spring. The current safe rate for phosphorus in canola is 17 to 22 kilograms per hectare (15.2 to 19.6 pounds per acre). With good moisture, the recommendation goes up to 28 kg/ha (or 25.0 lb./ac.). But canola typically removes more phosphorus than the recommended safe […] Read more

In-crop mechanical weed control

Controlling weeds mechanically can help overcome Group 2 resistant weeds in pulses

Group 2 resistant weeds are an annual problem for lentil producers. But there are a few outside-the-box methods that may give farmers better control than herbicide alone. University of Saskatchewan grad student Alex Alba led a study looking at three in-crop mechanical weed control methods, including: Tine harrows; Rotary hoe; and, Inter-row tillage. Alba used […] Read more

Testing the calcium response

Cavalier Agrow is running field trials to test the agronomics of calcium

An independent ag retailer in northwest Saskatchewan is examining the agronomics of applying calcium. So far they’ve found the best yield response and economic return in the most calcium-deficient soils. “As those calcium levels went up — no surprise — our returns came down,” said Greg Frey, location manager for Cavalier Agrow near Meota, Sask. […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: The other side of ranching

A new book focuses on the role of women in Alberta’s ranching history

In a recent column on clubroot, I suggested that Sask Crop Insurance look at a carrot-and-stick policy to crop rotations in the province. Later, I was a little worried some might interpret that part of the column as me shaking my finger at farmers with tight rotations. That wasn’t my intention. There are plenty of […] Read more

Meet your farming neighbours: Devon Walker

Devon Walker left an off-farm job to go all in on his fourth-generation family farm

Every farm has its own story. No two farms (or farmers) are exactly alike. Everyone got started in a different way, and every farm has a different combination of family and hired staff who make the decisions and keep things running. But, in general, even after you consider all of the details, Prairie farmers are […] Read more

Seed growers keep their eyes on the future

For the Herle family near Wilkie, Sask., choosing which seed to grow is the key to success

The Herle family has farmed for five generations and produced over 110 crops. Since their ancestors first tilled the Prairie soil, they’ve had a front-row seat to agriculture’s evolution. “Change is constant it seems in this industry,” said Greg Herle, commercial farmer and seed grower, speaking to ag reporters and communications people last spring at […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: Health is your most valuable asset

Sickness and injuries, especially concussions, can bring a quick end to your career

I am having one of those winters where I seem to catch every germ that is circulating. Being sick brings out my inner whinger. I hate curtailing my physical activities. Missing work days stresses me out, especially during the busy winter season. I also feel a latent guilt over taking sick days or even getting […] Read more

Managing fusarium head blight

As the fusarium-infected area grows, 
so does the sophistication of management tools

As fusarium head blight marches west, agronomists and farmers are finding more sophisticated ways to manage the disease. Cory Willness, agrologist and president of CropPro Consulting, says evening out crops is part of their fusarium management strategy. CropPro Consulting is based in Naicam, northeast of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. “We find traditionally that the tops of the […] Read more

Clubroot is coming to a field near you

The stakes are high, as clubroot has defeated resistant canola varieties and continues to spread

Dan Orchard has a blunt message for Saskatchewan canola producers. “I’m quite convinced that clubroot will come to your farm. It’s just too hard to keep it away,” said Orchard, agronomy specialist for central Alberta for the Canola Council of Canada. Orchard was speaking at the Saskatchewan Oilseed Producers meeting, organized by SaskCanola, SaskFlax, and the Sask. […] Read more