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Would faba beans fit in your crop rotation?

Faba beans have potential, but markets are still feeling facing growing pains

As diseases take a bite out of western Canadian crops, farmers are looking for new rotation options. “Faba bean is not susceptible to root rot. Quinoa is not susceptible to fusarium. So it’s two crops that we can grow over here that may fit well into our rotation,” says Brad Goudy, owner of Goudy Ag […] Read more

Broad bean green seeds lat. Visia faba. Fava bean

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers studies market for faba beans

A professional look at the market potential for faba beans finds some long-term options

When economist Joe Feyertag joined LMC International, everyone was focused on vegetable oils, he told CropSphere delegates. “Biofuel mandates were going up across the world.” But Feyertag and his colleagues are doing quite a bit of work analyzing markets for lentils and other pulses these days, he said, as the plant protein market grows. “That’s […] Read more

Drought-cracked mud in wheat field

Facing up to the truth about climate change

If we want consumers to accept the judgement of science, we need to return the favour

Those pants look terrible on you. Perhaps you’ve experienced that awkward moment when you try to stop a friend from committing a fashion faux pas. If so, you may have agonized how to word your concerns to avoid offense, while still getting your message across. It’s a potentially volatile moment that perfectly captures how I […] Read more

Distributor adds Comatra lights to product line

Euro-built spray boom lighting system now available directly from a Canadian source

Dale Wiens’ tradeshow booth was garnering quite a bit of interest at the Canadian Farm Progress Show in June. And it’s no mystery why: his company, SprayTest Controls Inc., offers practical solutions to on-farm problems. SprayTest’s original product was the remote control boom, which Wiens brought to the CFPS’ innovation completion in 2002. It was […] Read more

Grain cars moving, but not fast enough for some farmers

Poor weather slows loading on the West Coast

With spring around the corner, some farmers are worried they won’t get grain delivered before road bans and field work begins. Brian Stratuliak is a grain and cattle producer in the Dawson Creek, B.C., area. He had planned to deliver 300 tonnes of feed wheat this winter, but has only been able to deliver 120 […] Read more

Learning at CanoLAB

Farmers at CanoLAB had a hands-on look at canola pests and problems

Grainews field editor Lisa Guenther attended the Canola Council of Canada’s annual learning event CanoLAB at Lakeland College in Vermillion on February 22. CanoLab offers a chance to see live plants and insects up close, while they talk with Western Canada’s top researchers and extension workers about current production issues. Watch the Canola Council’s event […] Read more

Oats not affected by pre-harvest glyphosate

Despite buyers’ concerns, variety and environment have more impact than glyphosate

In the spring of 2015, Grain Millers announced they wouldn’t buy oats that had been treated with pre-harvest glyphosate. Christian Willenborg was alarmed. “I was alarmed because I really hadn’t heard of an issue. I hadn’t seen an issue,” said Willenborg, assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan and editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of […] Read more

ground flax seeds

Reporter’s Notebook: Control blood pressure with flax

New research shows that eating ground flaxseed can lower your blood pressure

One of the interesting side effects of covering agriculture is that influences my eating habits. I get to hear about the research into food uses and health claims of the crops grown in Western Canada. I eat pulses for the fibre and protein. I use canola oil several times a week. I’m not shy about […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: The Co-op has everything you need

You can get everything at a co-op, from stories 
to spinach to investment opportunities

Last fall my husband Corey started working at the lumber desk of the Turtleford Co-op. Besides the benefits, I think the best part of that job is the stories he brings home. There’s the customer who brought in banjos for Corey to fix (Corey is a musician). There’s the banter with one of the local […] Read more


Expert concerned about low phos levels

Stu Brandt is concerned about low phosphorus levels in Saskatchewan soils

Stu Brandt is concerned about Saskatchewan phosphorus levels. Growers have been mining phosphorus since breaking the land, and it’s still happening today, he says. “That’s no longer the most appropriate strategy to be using,” Brandt told delegates at CropSphere in Saskatoon. Brandt is research manager at Northeast Agriculture Research Foundation. Although there’s typically plenty of phosphorus […] Read more