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Readers ask for more tomato info

Singing Gardener: Plus, farming couple shares photos of their flowers

All for the love of tomatoes opens the page in this my first Grainews column for 2018. I share an email from Alberta and a phone conversation with a farmer’s wife out of Unity, Sask. Am still out and about promoting the connection between five or more weekly servings of no-sugar-added homemade tomato juice, tomato soup, stewed […] Read more

Ted’s final column of 2017

Singing Gardener: Plus, a request from a psychologist and kids' letters to Santa

So what does yours truly, Ted, have to say in this my final Grainews column to close out the year 2017? A variety of subject material includes an email from a Toronto psychologist searching for information about her late grandfather. Hopefully someone out there in Grainews land may be able to assist her. Also, excerpts […] Read more

Meet a tomato-growing farmer

Singing Gardener: Plus, how do you take your garlic?

Seems to me fruits of the vine and apples of the earth are top of the list when it comes to homegrown vegetables among Canadian gardeners, so both share space on this page with a hint of garlic at the end. Had the good fortune to spend a day to remember with gardener and farmer […] Read more

Info on apple maggots and how to deter them

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares more reader requests

Thank you good people for your phone calls, emails, letters. I get them all. A great big hello to Herman Swab from up there at Andrew, Alberta. Herman asks on the phone: “When are you going to write that book?” Yours truly Ted replies: There are a lot of books and magazines about gardening out there, each […] Read more

Info on edible wild mushrooms

One word of caution — never eat any mushrooms that have not been properly identified

Had an informative and enjoyable visit with Bagot, Manitoba-area resident Ed Brecknell in mid-May of this year where I learned about distinctive and edible morel mushroom (Morchella elata) and edible oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). Both are wild fungi without chlorophyll and grow randomly on his farm property. There are also oyster mushroom lookalikes and poisonous […] Read more

The many benefits of tea

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares excerpts from a phone visit

Is it the age we’re living in, or are we all getting older? How time flies. As a kid I recall seeing a message on a huge sign along the Trans-Canada Highway (I call it the Tea Can for short). The sign said: Time flies and then eternity. Speaking of tea, ’tis said ordinary black […] Read more

Planting and raising raspberries

Singing Gardener: Plus, sauerkraut from crock to jars and making refreshing rhubarb slush

Planting raspberries — and memories of Prairie songs. Also, yours truly had a chance to talk with gardener Margaret Gluska from Cranberry Portage, Manitoba. She’s seeking seeds for Pilgrim tomato and apparently they’re as hard to get as pulling hens’ teeth. As I get older, thoughts sometimes return to childhood days. A number of Prairie […] Read more

Some info on growing artichokes

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares more feedback from readers

As always, lots to write about in Grainews Singing Gardener page. Am sharing more feedback from readers, so thanks to folks who take time to write. Got some thoughts on the best days to go fishing once the rod and reel season opens in your area. Here where I am we’ve got the Portage Diversion spillway that […] Read more

A rose to celebrate Canada’s birthday

Singing Gardener: Plus, some good sources for tomato seeds

Some who haven’t heard me sing have asked: Do you really write and sing your own songs? My answer is — Absolutely! My latest one commemorates Canada’s 150th birthday. I call it: “That’s Who We Are.” This page includes an Alberta reader’s experience with water dowsing; a subject I covered several times in past Grainews […] Read more

Start asparagus plants from seeds

Singing Gardener: Plus, what is Paruresis and some tips if you have it

Late March and early April are the times of year I begin scratching around the soil to see what’s popping up besides dandelions and daffodils. Depending on weather, I may soon plant, or will have already planted a short row or two of radish seeds in a sunny sheltered microclimate spot. I share a short excerpt from […] Read more