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Commonly known as Cushion Spurge, you may want to add this garden showpiece to your landscape.

Research shows berries are good for your heart

Singing Gardener: Plus, don’t forget to get those evergreens ready for winter

What kind of a gardening season has 2021 been for you so far — and how do you feel about gardening this year? If you want to write to me and share a little or a lot about that, I’m a good listener and Grainews subscribers are great readers. Most often sharing is good medicine, […] Read more

This photo taken in April 2021 is a female Anna’s hummingbird enjoying apple blossoms.

What to do if you get stung by an insect

Singing Gardener: Plus, a reader shares her experiences with hummingbirds

It was the third ring on my telephone when I picked it up and answered. A woman with an anxious-sounding voice on the other end said, “Hi Ted, this is Marlene. I just got stung by a wasp or a bee — not sure which. I was outside folding towels that had dried in open-air […] Read more

Gladiolus commonly called glads always command attention when their majestic flowering time arrives.

Wireworms in soil and a pre-planting treatment for gladiolus corms to deter pests

The Singing Gardener: Plus, re-energize bees with a little sugar water and share that tip with others

Hi again good people. I’m so glad to have you tagging along with me during my continuing journey of words in Grainews. Always have lots to write about. I think back to memories and experiences stored in my memory bank with continued thanks to readers for your emails and phone calls. Wireworms in garden soil — […] Read more

Attract hummingbirds by planting long-lasting, nectar-bearing annual and perennial wildflowers such as in this seed blend.

Attracting hummingbirds to the yard and garden

The Singing Gardener: Plus, here’s how to grow a sunflower summer house

Hummingbird seed blends are available consisting of 16 species of both annuals and perennials. When in bloom such flowers are irresistible to hummers attracting them to no end. I’ll provide names of some flowers found in such seed mixtures. Making homemade sugar and water drink is on my list of another thing we can do for […] Read more

Heirloom Melon de Montreal was cultivated until 1905 in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, on the foothills of Mount Royal.

Ted nominates this melon from the garden as his favourite of 2020

Plus, info on some insect pests and a recipe for bannock

Lots to talk about so I shall keep my intro to the point. Subject matter includes my successful venture with planting and growing Melon de Montreal. There’s a gardener near Rapid City that found little white worms in her raspberries and I, Ted, suspect that other gardeners may have also been challenged with the same […] Read more

This close-up shows the superb beauty in a single clematis flower.

Ted answers questions about clematis, cabbages and tomatoes

Singing Gardener: Plus, some pest controls to try out on your garden plants

A gardener recently told me about his disappointing and frustrating experience with a clematis. “It suddenly collapsed after appearing in good health earlier.” He continued, “It’s as though someone had cut off the entire plant at ground level, when in fact such wasn’t the case. What happened?” he asked of me. I told him: “Sounds […] Read more

Ted the Singing Gardener sang his “Manitoba Marathon Rally Song” and other tunes on Father’s Day, June 16, 2019 in Winnipeg.

Singing Gardener: Ted entertains at the Manitoba Marathon in Winnipeg

Plus, some weather lore to test out and some zucchini recipes to try

It’s good to toot your horn once in a while except in this case there are no bells, whistles or horns, although I do recall horns tooting the day I became a married man decades ago. This year’s yellow and green zucchinis in my half-acre garden are awesome. I’ve a second batch of zucchini youngsters […] Read more

It’s an awesome sight to behold when plum tree blossoms are at the 
peak of their utmost beauty beckoning arrival of pollinating insects.

Singing Gardener: What home remedies have you tried and what has worked or not worked for you?

Plus, Ted shares what readers have written to him

My plum trees did me proud this year while in full bloom with hundreds of blossoms (see photo at top). There were so many flowers the trees couldn’t sustain them all and many never got pollinated. The good news is green plums about the size of large cranberries had formed up nicely as of mid-June. […] Read more

Cerisa is a yellow-fleshed specialty variety with slightly firmer cooking texture and excellent flavour. Plants produce high numbers of smaller elongated baby potatoes, a favourite in salads.

Singing Gardener: Nutritional benefits of the potato and a little-known way of baking it

Plus, Ted shares more reader feedback

Something tells me this intro might appear a little longer than usual. It’s all for good informative reading. Got your sprouted seed potatoes in the ground yet? It’s not too late to plant more! There’ll be a thing or two said about spuds further along. Plus — one method for baking potatoes and some reader […] Read more