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Singing Gardener: Taking care of a rosemary plant in low-light time of year

Plus, how to make some liquid calcium from dried eggshells to use on tomato plants

For some time my thoughts have told me to write something about rosemary. An email with questions about wonderful herbaceous rosemary has spurred me on to say — today’s the day. I enjoy watching those TV commercials that say: “We’re egg farmers — we love what we do.” If that’s a signal I also love eating […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Get to know the ‘Delta’ Hackberry tree

Plus, a reader shares experiences with using sawdust in the garden

When are those startling and scary news reports about recalled imported fresh food veggies going to end? Maybe never! As I write this column some of the most recent recalls have applied to specific brands of romaine, leafy red and leafy green lettuces and whole heads of cauliflower. Who knows what’s possibly next? My theme […] Read more

Singing Gardener: The art of water dowsing — few can do it, many can’t

Plus, Ted has tomato seeds to give away — enter to win

Call witching what you will as it can be a controversial word. Some folks don’t like the word “witcher” either. Others relegate the practice of witching for water as bunk and trickery. Opting to express it as divining or dowsing is also used. But let me ask whether you’ve ever heard of a “witcher” who searched […] Read more

Singing Gardener: How to get Christmas cactus to put on its best bloom display

Plus, reader feedback on problem deer control

Thanks for taking time and coming by to join me with this my final Grainews column for 2018. December is the month when some folks are saying happy holidays but I hold to joining those who stick to established tradition by wishing each person a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Red is such a predominant colour […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Remembrance Day 2018

Plus, a houseplant that may help you get a good night’s sleep

Hey! Hello my fellow Canadians. By the time this issue of Grainews arrives in your mailbox, Remembrance Day 2018 will be close at hand. I’ve always appreciated a spot set aside in the garden for growing poppies, especially Ladybird Flanders poppy. Even during midsummer, poppies remind me of Canadian doctor, surgeon and teacher John McCrae who is best known for […] Read more

One man’s experience with destructive deer

Ted has a recipe to help discourage them from damaging trees and shrubs

As I write this, September’s been a really wet one so far here in my part of Manitoba and elsewhere too, according to news reports. Seems moisture began falling not many days after I wrote about “The Rain Dance” in a local publication. Now a few folks have said — maybe it’s time to write […] Read more

Ted has some info on how to help control lily beetles

Plus, try this recipe from a reader for Crisp Pickle Slices

Howdy folks, howdy. Readers will notice I’m beginning this Grainews issue with a new head photo of myself and WOW do I have a lot to cover from lily leaf beetles, to controlling apple maggots. Home pickling, canning and freezing are well underway so thanks to Peggy Lunde for her Crisp Pickle Slices recipe. We’ve […] Read more

A fast-maturing turnip that can be planted end of July into early August

The Singing Gardener: Plus, info on Goosefoot, also known as Tree Spinach

Having trouble growing maggot-free turnips? Let me tell you about a fast-maturing variety that’s ideal to plant toward the end of July and into early August for a fall garden crop. They’re as easy to grow as radishes. Details and source for seeds are provided further along. Also a short presentation about a plant called […] Read more

Readers ask for more tomato info

Singing Gardener: Plus, farming couple shares photos of their flowers

All for the love of tomatoes opens the page in this my first Grainews column for 2018. I share an email from Alberta and a phone conversation with a farmer’s wife out of Unity, Sask. Am still out and about promoting the connection between five or more weekly servings of no-sugar-added homemade tomato juice, tomato soup, stewed […] Read more

Ted’s final column of 2017

Singing Gardener: Plus, a request from a psychologist and kids' letters to Santa

So what does yours truly, Ted, have to say in this my final Grainews column to close out the year 2017? A variety of subject material includes an email from a Toronto psychologist searching for information about her late grandfather. Hopefully someone out there in Grainews land may be able to assist her. Also, excerpts […] Read more