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New Versatile tractors: Big power at a slow pace

DeltaTrack models available with low-speed creeper gear

Three new DeltaTrack models from Versatile are available with a creeper gear that allows the tractors to pull as slowly as 1.52 km/h.

With more and more farmers installing drain tiles across the Prairie, one equipment brand now sees a growing demand for high horsepower tractors that can move slowly and pull very hard to get jobs like that done. The computer control modules in some late-model, high-horsepower tractors derate engine horsepower when a very low gear is selected, limiting their drawbar pull under those circumstances. That is necessary to reduce the stress on driveline components. In mid March Versatile announced it was introducing special editions of three DeltaTrack models designed specifically for high-torque, slow pulls, making them ideal for drain tile installation according to the company. The new 450DTC, 500DTC and 550DTC models, with horsepower ratings corresponding to their model numbers, will get a 0.95 m.p.h. (1.52 km/h) at 1,800 r.p.m. creeper gear. Versatile’s announcement says these tractors are “factory approved” for heavy, very slow pulls.

“Customers of the Versatile DeltaTrack have been asking for a machine for low-speed applications such as tile plowing,” explained Adam Reid, director of marketing, speaking in the company’s recent press release. “They like the set up of the current machine with the engine-transmission-drivetrain-track set up but were concerned about component stress at lower speeds. The new DeltaTrack Creeper allows customers to keep the engine in peak torque range while still working at reduced speeds.” “The top-end road speed is reduced but customers were willing to accept that trade-off for optimum performance in the field,” he added. To help prevent driveline damage, engineers beefed up the rubber belts on DTC models.

To extend their track life, the tractors use new Camoplast 6500 Series belts in 30- or 36-inch widths, which get an extra fabric layer to handle the push from the drive lugs. And these belts use tall, narrow tread bars for better traction.

Versatile initially began production by making a limited number of DTC models available this past spring.

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