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AGCO’s limited X-Edition track tractor

AGCO's X Edition

Call your dealer fast: AGCO is making a limited-edition production run of MT700E and MT800E Challenger X-Edition track tractors. It’s wrapping them in a custom paint job for the customer who wants to stand apart from the pack by adding some bling to his or her horsepower.

“We’re only going to make 50 of these, and it’s first come first served,” said Ash Alt, AGCO’s field marketing manager, track tractors. “It’s all about giving our customers that next level of comfort and performance, and a little bit of style, too, obviously.” He’s not kidding — you can see your reflection in the custom midnight black paint.

All the MT700E and MT800E models will get some tweaks this season, and the X-Edition models feature those same updates.

“The hood has been redesigned to get more air flow in the front and out of the side for better cooling capacity,” he said. And, they’ve added more lights to the front of the hood for better visibility at night.

Apart from the cosmetics, Ash said, “this is our legendary Challenger track tractor.

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