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AGCO unveils MT400D Series Challenger and 6600 Series MF tractors

AGCO rolled out two new tractor lines at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, in late August. The 90 to 125 PTO horsepower MT400D Challengers and their close cousins the 100 to 125 PTO horsepower Massey Ferguson 6600s are available with a wide range of features.

All tractors get an AGCO Power 4.9 litre, four-cylinder diesel under the hood, but there are three available transmission options to deliver that power.

The 6600 Series Masseys offer the 16 X 16 Dyna-4, which has four gears and four ranges. Operators can shift through all gears and ranges while rolling, electronically with the push or pull of a hand lever. The left-hand, three-function power control lever allows the operator to change direction, upshift and downshift, and clutch with just fingertip movement.

Option No. 2, the Dyna-6 transmission, has more working speeds, with 24 forward and 24 reverse, each is available without using the clutch pedal. Third, there is the Dyna-VT, CVT.

The Challengers get three identical transmission options: the 16 X 16 AutoPower IV, the AutoPower VI which jumps the number of gears to 24 X 24. And finally, the TechStarTM CVT.

The Challenger line however, offers five tractor models, compared to just three in the Massey Ferguson Series.

There are also three basic option packages. The base-level Classic offers front-wheel assist with a standard hydraulic package. The Deluxe package includes a suspended cab and front axle along with electronic hydraulic controls and adjustable-rate steering that is auto guidance compatible. Finally, the Premium Edition offers active cab suspension and built-in auto guidance.

Hydraulic capacity increases with each of those option packages. The base specification includes two separate pumps providing a total of 26 g.p.m. The Twin Flow system can combine flow from both pumps to push out 26 g.p.m. at the rear remotes. And at the top end, a flow rate of 29 g.p.m. is available. †

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