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AGCO introduces new tractors

New models unveiled at U.S. farm shows last February


At farm shows in Kentucky and California, AGCO pulled the wraps off new tractor models in all three of its North American brands: Massey Ferguson, Challenger and Fendt. The all-new 8700 Series Masseys, which will replace the existing 8600s, made their debut at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

The new five-model line will span the same 270 to 370 engine horsepower range looked after by the 8600s, but the new tractors offer a range of updated specifications. All will use the AGCO Power 8.4-litre diesels that deliver 900 to 1,136 foot-pounds of torque. These engines use twin turbochargers and the company’s new Engine Power Management (EPM) ECU, which maximizes the engine’s efficiency by controlling the electronic fuel injection and coordinated transmission features. That helps bring down fuel consumption numbers.

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To keep the engines cool, a new CYCLAIR cooling system is more efficient without using larger components. The hood and grill have been modified to increase intake airflow, while additional vents on the side panels let warm air out much faster. A bypass system manages airflow to the intercooler while maintaining airflow to the radiator.

To deliver all the power from the Tier 4 Final-compliant diesels, all 8700s come standard with the advanced version of MF’s Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission.

“The 8700 Series tractors deliver all the power and capability our customers demand with advanced features that boost fuel economy and enhance operator comfort for longer, more productive days in the field,” says Conor Bergin, product marketing manager, High Horsepower Tractors. “And, these tractors are built with pride in Jackson, Minnesota.

“We have more horsepower, more torque and better fuel consumption,” adds Ash Alt, field marketing manager for high horsepower tractors at AGCO. “(The 8700s) get quite a few new features and upgrades.”

Hydraulic capacity is one of those upgrades. It gets bumped up to a new high of 54 gallons per minute. And a front, 21-spline PTO shaft is now available as a factory option.

The cabs on the 8700s get a more ergonomic layout with a new gauge and control arrangement, with all of the commonly used controls in one area. 

A new SIS (Set up and Information Screen) is now colour and 50 per cent larger and includes new software that provides more data on tractor functions. 

All 8700s come equipped with the new Auto-Guide 3000 precision farming software fully integrated into the cab.

The sister line to the MF 8700 Series, the Challenger MT600E, made its debut at the National Farm machinery show in Louisville, Kentucky. These tractors offer the same specifications in five similar models that wear Challenger yellow.

AGCO also had other tractors to introduce in Louisville. Eight updated models in the 800 and 900 Series of the company’s German-built Fendt tractors made their North American debut. The newest offerings span the 220 to 360 horsepower range.

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Fendt is often referred to as the Cadillac of tractors, particularly in Europe (replace Cadillac with BMW there), because it offers some very high-end features. But marketers say those features do much more than improve operator comfort, they offer systems that enhance overall efficiency.

“The 800 and 900 lines represent the latest generation of Fendt high-horsepower tractors featuring cutting-edge technology and attention to ease of use and efficiency in the field,” says Bergin. “The new six-cylinder Tier 4 Final engines in these lines offer growers more horsepower, better torque curves and improved fuel efficiency.”

Fendt remains the only brand under the AGCO umbrella that doesn’t use AGCO Power engines. Instead they have Deutz-Fahr-built diesels under the hood. During an interview at the company’s Bavarian assembly plant in 2012, Reid Hamre, Fendt brand marketing manager, said Fendt and DF engineers have worked closely to match the performance of the engines with the transmissions they’re coupled to. That has allowed them to achieve impressive fuel efficiency ratings, something the brand isn’t shy about mentioning. 

Those diesels now feature twin turbochargers, too, and a three-pump fuel system that uses a 29,000 p.s.i. common rail. The injectors are capable of multiple discharges during each power stroke. To meet Tier 4 Final emissions levels, these tractors use a combination of selective catalytic reduction, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a coated soot filter.

The Fendts also get a new engine cooling system that includes an electronically-controlled variable pitch cooling fan that can be reversed to blow debris out of the radiator and coolers.

The new VarioGrip feature allows operators to adjust pressure in all four tires right from the cab. That allows operators to reduce pressure in the field or raise it for road travel, all of which maximizes traction and bumps up fuel efficiency even further.

The enhanced X5 cab gets a new 10.4-inch Varioterminal, which has its software set up to look like apps on a smartphone. The Varioterminal can also stream images from up to two video cameras.

And like the MF and Challenger models, the Fendt, too, gets a redesigned dash, making for a more ergonomic layout.

At the top end of the horsepower scale, AGCO’s flagship four-wheel drive Challengers also get an update and a new designation as the MT900E line. They shared the spotlight in Louisville, also making their debut there. 

No longer will you find a Caterpillar engine under the hood, instead these tractors now use the company’s own, newly-developed 16.8-litre AGCO Power diesels. “Unlike competitive models that rely on modified over-the-road engines, all MT900E Series tractors feature AP168-4 diesel engines built just for agriculture,” says Bergin.

The three MT900E models offer 490 to 590 engine horsepower. And yet again, these diesels rely on twin turbocharger technology.

Hydraulic capacity gets bumped up to a 58 gpm, with a high-flow option lifting that to a maximum of 85 gpm.

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