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Specialty tools make tire repairs easy

Impact-driven tire dismounting tools can make on-farm tire repairs quick and easy

With dozens of tires in use on the average farm, fixing flats is likely the most common repair producers have to pay for. But with the cost of a commercial tire changer running into the thousands, its often more cost effective to take flats to a tire shop than make the necessary equipment investment for the farm workshop. It’s possible to get the job done without a tire changer, but it can involve a lot of sweat.

Two specialty tools now being offered by Pneu-Tek Tire Tools offer a lower-cost alternative to that tire changer. They can make it possible to put the necessary tire repair equipment into the farm shop without breaking the bank, and they take the hard work out of the process. These simple and unique tools are capable of easily and quickly dismounting a wide variety of tires.

Company reps demonstrated the tools at the Manitoba Ag Days show in Brandon, proving they can deal with anything from a 10-inch lawn tractor wheel to 24-inch Grader tires. So they’re ideal for farm jobs.

Powered by an ordinary impact wrench, this pair of tools can break a tire bead free and then dismount it from the rim in about a minute, letting a normal air impact driver do all the hard work.

The Bead Breaker simply clamps onto the rim, then a mechanism powered by the impact wrench pushes the tire away from the rim, breaking the bead. Using the Impact Demounter, the loose tire can then be pulled off the rim in only a few seconds, again using torque from the impact wrench. So there’s no more struggling with a pair of pry bars to get the job done.

The Bead Breaker retails for US $525 and the Demounter costs US $625.

The company is based in New Mexico, so if you order tools from their website, you’ll need to pay for shipping. But sales reps will be at most of the major Prairie farm shows this year with inventory, so you can pick up a tool there and save the shipping cost. Look for them at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, as well as the Lethbridge and Red Deer shows.

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To see how these tool work, go to and watch the videos.

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