New compact tractors from Massey Ferguson

Five new models range from 24 up to 57.3 horsepower

The two 2800E models (see here and below), with a larger chassis, offer front-end loader lift capacities of 2,425 pounds (1,100 kilograms).

Who would argue that having a compact loader tractor around the yard to help load or unload small but heavy equipment wouldn’t be useful? Those jobs like lifting an air compressor into the back of a pickup to head out to a field repair or even unloading and precisely placing fluid totes in the farm shop can be awkward with a larger tractor. Then, of course, there are the multitude of yard maintenance tasks that require a nimble little machine.

Late last fall, AGCO’s Massey Ferguson brand marketing staff informed Grainews they think they have the perfect machines for just those jobs with the new 1800E and 2800E models, which span the 24 to 57.3 horsepower range. Introduced last October, these updated models replace the previous generation of compact tractors, the 1700E and 2700E versions.

And don’t confuse these small machines with that belt-driven lawn tractor stuck away in the back corner of the farm workshop waiting for green grass next spring. These compact Masseys are built with the same kind of drive trains used in their bigger brothers, mechanical gear drives riding on a cast-steel rear end and sporting capable hydraulic systems that make them suitable for a front-end loader, not to mention front-wheel assist and a three-point hitch with respectable load ratings.

“The E series tractors are powerful, easy to operate and offer a down-to-earth price that will appeal to budget-minded customers,” says Jeffrey Ratliff, AGCO tactical marketing manager. “Plus, these heavy-duty, no-nonsense work horses provide capabilities you might only expect from larger-horsepower utility tractors.”

Five models

In all, the two ranges offer five models that fit into the compact tractor category. Starting at the bottom of that category, the 1825E, the smallest of the pack, gets power from a 1.49-litre, three-cylinder, naturally aspirated 24-horsepower diesel. The two bigger models in the 1800E series see a jump up to a turbocharged 1.83-litre, three-cylinder diesel to hit 34.5 and 39.4 horsepower, respectively.

AGCO’s Massey Ferguson brand 1800E and 2800E compact tractors, which debuted last October, are upgraded versions of the previous 1700E and 2700E models. photo: AGCO

The 2850E and 2860E are built on a larger chassis to make them capable of handling bigger loads and tasks, along with having a 2.43-litre, four-cylinder diesel stuffed under the hood for added muscle. They offer 48.8 and 57.3 horsepower. The engines in all five models of the 1800E and 2800E series are liquid-cooled Iseki diesels that comply with Tier IV emissions standards.

The Iseki engines provide a few advantages, according to Ratliff. “They deliver outstanding fuel efficiency, tremendous power, torque and reliability. Plus, they are easy to service and maintain,” he says.

The Isekis route their power through a choice of mechanical or hydrostatic transmissions. Standard equipment is an 8F x 8R synchro shuttle. This mechanical-gear transmission provides a range of working and transport speeds from 0.8 to 16.6 miles per hour (1.4 to 26.8 kilometres per hour), depending on tire size and type. The three-range hydrostatic transmission is an upgrade option.

Aftermarket implement compatibility

At the back, the three 1800E models offer a Category I rear three-point hitch, while the larger chassis on the 2800E models allows for a Category I/II hitch with up to 2,425-pound (1,100 kilogram) lift capacity, making them compatible with a lot of aftermarket implements.

And the 18 per cent improvement in standard hydraulic flow on all models means the tractors can handle those attachments a lot better than the previous 1700E and 2700E model series could. The tractors use a dual-pump, high-flow system that provides higher flow rates at lower engine r.p.m. so working implements at low revs won’t interfere with steering response.

Up front, Massey Ferguson’s FL series loaders are a factory option. And for even more uses, the brand’s BH and CB backhoes (depending on the tractor model) can be attached. Third-function loader control also allows for the use of skid-steer attachments, such as grapples and 4-in-1 buckets.

A 540 r.p.m. rear PTO is standard.

To make the tractors more durable and less susceptible to damage, the fenders and hood are made from sheet metal, rather than the plastic used on some competitive brands. And those body panels get new styling to match the current appearance of the brand’s larger tractors.

“For customers looking for a practical, simple-to-operate-and-maintain tractor, the E series has a lot to offer,” Ratliff says.

The E series compacts get a five-year limited powertrain warranty.

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