New DeltaCut shares available for Lemken’s Karat 9

Shares allow for tillage as shallow as 1.5 inches

Germany-based Lemken introduced its Karat 9 cultivator to Canada several years ago, and last November it announced Canadian farmers would be able to expand the Karat 9’s range of tillage capabilities with the new 35-centimetre (13.7-inch) wide DeltaCut Shares (or shovels, if you prefer).

The DeltaCut shares are designed to allow for tillage operations as shallow as 1.5 inches (five centimetres) or as deep as 12 inches (30 centimetres). The value of working at shallow depths is what will no doubt appeal to Prairie growers. Lemken notes that very shallow tillage can be useful as an early spring pass to stimulate weed and volunteer crop growth before seeding begins, to terminate cover crops or as seedbed preparation with a minimum of moisture loss.

With the Karat 9’s 28-centimetre (11-inch) shank spacing, the 35-centimetre shares offer full pass coverage even after extensive use and wear. And the DeltaCuts are available with a carbide coating that can extend their useful life by up to five times over conventional steel.

The Karat 9 also uses a tool-free, rapid change system to make replacing shares a quicker process.

DeltaCut shares (shovels) are now available for Lemken’s Karat 9 cultivator, which can work at depths as shallow as 1.5 inches (five centimetres). photo: Lemken

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