Kinze offers two high-speed planters for 2021 growing season

No compromises on seed singulation and placement with high speeds

Kinze’s 24-row 4905 True Speed planter is shown above. The True Speed system allows corn and soybean farmers to plant at speeds up to 12 miles per hour without compromising singulation or seed spacing.

Kinze Manufacturing will be releasing two high-speed planter models in time for the 2021 planting season — the 24-row 4905 True Speed planter and, because it is ready ahead of schedule, a 16-row configuration as well.

“The 16-row configuration was originally planned for 2022, but testing went so well, we’re pleased that we are able to move up our timeline and make this model available to farmers next season,” said Kinze president Susanne Veatch.

The True Speed system, developed by Kinze, consists of a high-speed electric meter and seed delivery tube enabling corn and soybean farmers to plant at speeds up to 12 miles per hour (just over 19 kilometres per hour), while maintaining precise singulation and seed spacing.

“Both configurations enable farmers to double the number of acres they plant in a typical day or cover the same acres in a more timely fashion,” Veatch said. “The technology also supports operations trying to expand because farmers can plant more acres with the same size planter.”

The 4905 True Speed system’s variable speed capacity makes it extremely versatile, says Eric Broadbent, Kinze’s director of North America sales.

Highly accurate

“These models are the first that take us in excess of eight miles per hour. But, this solution is not just about speed. We wanted a solution that could plant from three to 12 miles per hour without compromising seed singulation or accurate placement. No matter what field (an operator is working in), what conditions, what speed they want, this planter delivers high accuracy.”

That accuracy is possible because, unlike planters that rely on gravity, 4905 True Speed planters are in precise control of the seed from the moment of pick-up right into the trench. These planters also include the lowest belted seed release point in the industry.

Both 4905 configurations feature Kinze’s easy-to-use Blue Vantage user interface and planter control system and Blue Drive electric drive.

“Industry sees Blue Vantage as the easiest-to-control display on the market,” says Broadbent. “I like technology, but I want it to be intuitive, easy to use, get-in-and-go. That’s what Blue Vantage offers.”

The machine is designed for maintenance simplicity. The meter and seed delivery tube is built to be disassembled using nothing more than a screwdriver. Customers also save at the maintenance end, when parts do wear out, he adds.

“We really looked all through the planter and tried to minimize the amount of repair that could be required and the cost of repair. For example, in our meter where the seed disc brings the seed around, we have a 2.5- to three-inch diameter brush wheel. A customer should expect to see about 500 row acres on that wheel and replacement costs about forty dollars.”

Broadbent says customer feedback to date on the new models has been very positive.

“The feedback we’ve received so far is customers are just amazed by the simplicity of the system coupled with the accuracy we’ve built in.”

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