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A few tips on livestock risk management

Consider the obvious as well as less obvious tools in the tool box

The last few weeks have been wild, even though most of us have been locked up at home. Bull sales have moved online and auction markets have been closed to everyone but buyers. Processors are adjusting lines to allow for social distancing and restaurants are closed to everything except pickup and delivery. These factors have […] Read more

The economists are right

Knowing your cost of production really does make a difference

As I write this article we are amid coronavirus and a limit-down cattle market for several days in a row. For the record, I am not admitting the economists were right about this event. But as I am redoing our yearly plan, reassessing our risk strategies and adjusting costs on the fly, I have to […] Read more

Defuse the potential for agriculture ‘Madvocacy’

Even with the facts, sometimes it is important to just listen

It seems that every day we are inundated with many opinions and ideas on what primary agricultural producers really need to do to improve the environment and serve our many masters. Based strictly on demographics, many of these intentions come from folks with little to no farm involvement or even those with an axe to […] Read more

In this line of work, offspring are welcome on the job site.

A job interview for a cow

It is important to find out who is working for whom

I have heard the statement “My cows need to work for me.” This leads to the somewhat logical question of “If a cow works for me, what should a job interview look like?” and further what answers I should hope to hear. Knowing that cow depreciation and cow herd maintenance are the two biggest costs […] Read more

Sean McGrath has some more thoughts on what might benefit the Canadian beef industry.

A vision of what the beef industry needs: Part 2

Canadian beef industry needs to think big to optimize its potential

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a three-part series by Alberta rancher and consultant Sean McGrath with some thoughts on actions to improve the Canadian beef industry. In Part 1, McGrath outlined the value of developing a vision statement for his own farm. Here are more thoughts on what he might include in a […] Read more

Coming up with a vision for the Canadian beef industry, ahead — keep it focused and simple.

A vision of what the beef industry needs: Part 3

It’s a big economic driver that needs smart, progressive leadership

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of a three-part series by Alberta rancher and consultant Sean McGrath with some thoughts on actions to benefit the Canadian beef industry. After a few more thoughts on where the industry is at today, McGrath takes a stab at what he thinks a vision statement might contain and welcomes […] Read more