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How to make a ballast for your compact tractor

This three-point homemade ballast offers better results for weight distribution, traction

Jim Willson made this three-point attached ballast for a Kubota compact tractor.

Compact tractors now often come with a front-end loader. Missing is ballast to offset the weight of the loader, bucket and material, and to provide good traction in snow. A three-point attached ballast matched in size and shape provides dramatically better results. And it is easily removed when not needed.

The ballast in the photo is for a 55-horsepower Kubota. Mounting is with three-inch angle iron through the barrel and category 2 pins welded on the outside. When set just above the centre of gravity, a top link is not required. A good fit is between the lower arms out of the way.

The estimated weight of 950 pounds is comparable to liquid fill of rear tires. Concrete along with rocks and steel provide the weight. The yellow stripe and the board in front help with alignment to hook up both lower arms at once.

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