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Some days the news ain’t great

Well it is not exactly the weather forecast Prairie farmers were hoping to hear, but AccuWeather is predicting a hot, dry summer across most of Western Canada. Actually the west side of Alberta will be hot, dry and smoky and the rest of the prairies will just be hot and dry, according to AccuWeather Senior […] Read more

DIY testing

Over the past few years, we at Grainews have been conducting practical tests to provide our readers with insight into what some of the various machines commonly used on the farm really have to offer. And we’ve already covered a pretty wide variety of them. Of course we can’t just saunter into a dealership and […] Read more

Canola trade conflict at a standstill

If Canadian farmers were hoping to hear today there is a quick fix in sight to the resumption of canola exports to China, they would have been disappointed. There is little change on the efforts of the Canadian canola industry and federal government in getting the canola market to China re-opened — everyone on this side […] Read more

Two plus two equals more

At Grainews we value reader feedback, and we actively solicit it. Any we get related to our machinery content ultimately ends up on my desk. So I get a sense for what subscribers want to see in the Machinery and Shop section. And, of course, we try to accommodate that. Over the years I found […] Read more

Winter is coming, again!

I haven’t been bold enough yet this year to put my winter jacket away for the season, even though we’re now well into May. Our daytime high temperatures have been consistently below the yearly averages now for months. So I don’t think we can say winter has truly left us yet. But an article I […] Read more

Update on canola and shrimp

CANOLA: NO NEWS IS, WELL, NOT SURPRISING I just finished sitting in on the second Canola Council of Canada (CCC) and Canola Growers of Canada webinar with an update on the China-doesn’t-want-our-canola situation and really there is no news or little change. On the Canadian side all players are looking at all options, but honestly […] Read more

Let’s be careful out there

As has become usual in the last couple of years, some late-season snow fell across much of the prairies, stopping any seeding work that may have already started. In several locations the moisture it brings with it has been far more welcome than any frustration at the unseasonable conditions. Any machines that had been working […] Read more

Political parasite attacking Canadian canola

Here’s one profit-robbing pest Canadian canola farmers can’t control with the field sprayer — politics. It was pretty clear during a webinar with the Canola Council of Canada (CCC) last week there is no immediate end in sight to China’s refusal to accept Canadian canola seed because it is allegedly “contaminated”. It is not clear what […] Read more

Are you in a buying mood?

There’s no doubt the commodity market news as of late has been a little gloomy. Much of the unease has come from the actions of the Chinese, who seem determined to punish Canada for locking one of their white-collar crooks. Among other things they’ve decided to take a swipe at Canadian farmers. They randomly locked […] Read more

Getting technical

When I saw the first news images of Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques making a repair to the outside of the International Space Station, one thing stood out to me momentarily. All his tools were tethered to prevent them from drifting off into the black abyss of space. I did briefly flirt with the idea of […] Read more