Hay and so much more available on-line

Several websites help farmers connect with farmers and other suppliers

Western Canadian farmers and ranchers looking to buy or sale hay or almost anything else concerning beef production can tap into some new as well as established on-line listing services.

Most of the websites help producers either buy or sell forages, but some sites offer much broader services too. And aside from forages etc at the end of this column is information about the Saskatchewan beef listing service helping to connect consumers with farm direct meat sales.


Newest of the listing services if the Alberta Forage Industry Networks (AFIN) new “Farming the Web’ (visit www.farmingtheweb.com) which among other things is a comprehensive marketplace for hay, livestock, land and other services to name a few.

According to the AFIN news release the Farming the Web site has been in development for several months. AFIN appreciates the generous funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), AFIN was able to curate, design and create a marketplace for farmers to buy and sell their agriculture related products and services. Farming the Web replaces the former Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s ‘Ropin’ the Web – Alberta Agriculture Classifieds’.
“We have worked hard to ensure the website would be easy to use and would be more than just for buying and selling agricultural products and services. It is expected to enhance communication among our farmers. I invite you to take advantage of this free marketplace,” says Surya Acharya, AFIN chair. Acharya is a forage plant breeder with the Agriculture Canada Lethbridge Research Centre.

  • This site is a marketplace for all things agriculture, with 6 different listing categories:
    • Hay, straw and other feeds
      • Salt and minerals
    • Livestock and working animals
    • Land for rent or lease
    • Farm equipment
    • Services and contracting
  • Other
  • Specifically designed with Albertans in mind, all aspects have been created by people that work directly or indirectly with agriculture.
  • There will be a rating system that can be used by you to connect with the most highly respected sellers.
  • A Chat function is in the works to connect with other farmer’s making your buy and sell experience the highest quality.
  • Ability to work with a ‘real human being’ to help list your items if you are having difficulty or have limited access to internet.
  • It’s free!!

Farmers and Agribusinesses will have the opportunity to purchase ad space on this very highly regarded website to showcase their products and services.

For more information, please email [email protected], call 403-819-1746 and head to www.farmingtheweb.com


The Peace River Forage Council in British Columbia at one time had a hay/straw/ pasture listing service on its website, but is now recommending producers in that area check of hay sales etc on Kijiji.


The Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) website provides a few links to help producers connect with other producers who have hay for sale, or you may have feed to offer for sale.  The SFC says while more traditional methods such as the local paper or word of mouth might still work, consider looking to one of the other online resources for hay sales:

Kijiji  tends to have many listings of hay and other feeds for sale, as well as buyers looking for hay

Internet Hay Exchange has listings in Canada and the US

Facebook has a Hay/Feed for Sale in Saskatchewan & Manitoba page that you may want to join.

The Saskatchewan Cattleman’s Association also has a Facebook group: Feed & Forage Wanted and For Sale (Facebook accounts are required to join these groups).

agbuysell.com may have hay or feed for sale.

For a more comprehensive look at hay trends and pricing in our province, check out the SFC’s semi-annual Forage Market Reports


As a result of challenging weather and growing seasons that producers have faced over the last three years, Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association launched a Hay Relief page to assist Manitoba forage and livestock producers in finding information and sources to help cope with and plan for challenging times on the livestock feed front.

Some producers may be looking for relief to help carry their herds over winter. MFGA suggests the Manitoba Hay Listing Service as one resource as well as calling the Manitoba Agriculture staff at 1-84-GROW-MB-AG (1-844-769-6224). Leave a message and they will respond within 30 minutes..

When searching for hay, be aware that there is no standard way that hay for sale is listed. It may be in short tons or metric tonnes, cents per pound or often by the bale. Be sure to ask what the bale weights are, and to ask for feed analysis to be sure the hay you buy will meet the needs of you livestock.

But wait there is more….


The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) has assembled a directory of members offering direct sales of beef to consumers.

With COVID-19 outbreaks disrupting processing in Canada and the USA, consumers are keeping a watchful eye on the meat case of their local supermarket, says the SSGA release.

“We know there’s absolutely no shortage of beef cattle,” says Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association President Bill Huber. “But there is a downturn in processing capacity which could have an effect on retail prices and availability.”

Many producers sell beef directly from their farms, but consumers might not know how to find them. The SSGA directory will make it easy to connect buyers to sellers – it’s a win for everybody, Huber said.

“The loss of packing capacity creates uncertainty for producers with cattle to sell. When consumers buy their beef from the farm gate, they’re getting great value while helping out their local farmers and ranchers.”

“People like to know where their food comes from,” he said, and this is a great opportunity for consumers to meet the people who produce the top-quality beef Saskatchewan is famous for.”

Producers can register online through the SSGA. There is no cost for SSGA members. “Initiatives and opportunities like this are part of the benefits of joining,” Huber said.

Consumers can find the directory at skstockgrowers.com and SSGA’s social media channels. As of early August there were 19 beef producers on the SSGA listing.

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary. Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]






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Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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